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Technology is reshaping financial institutions. Digital disruption can open doors to new opportunities—but choosing the right strategy to create value takes skill. Explore BCG’s latest insights and see what our experts think.

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Annual Flagship Reports

Global Wealth Report 2023: Resetting the Course

BCG’s 23rd annual study of the global wealth management industry sizes the global market, analyzes booking-center trends, examines wealth manager performance, and offers eight initiatives to help players achieve consistent growth.


What’s Possible? GenAI and Banking

Banks have plenty of customer data and tech expertise, but will need to balance the opportunities of generative AI against privacy, accuracy, and compliance concerns. Michael Strauss takes a look at tomorrow's opportunities.

Retail Banking


Saudi Arabia’s Banking Sector

Saudi Arabia’s banking sector experienced a period of high profitability in 2022 and is poised for continued growth for 2023.

Banks Can Bet Big on Social Impact Hero Rect

Banks Can Bet Big on Social Impact

Financial institutions that lead on social tend to outperform. But there is no “net zero” for social—and banks are struggling to seize the opportunity.

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Financial Institutions on LinkedIn

How will financial institutions evolve? How will consumers bank ten years from now? Connect with us on LinkedIn to view our latest insights and share your ideas.

Asset & Wealth Management

An Asset Manager on Clients’ Biggest Challenges

Hanneke Smits, CEO of BNY Mellon Investment Management, talks about how clients can still find good value through asset reallocation.

How to Reduce the Wealth Gap between Black and White Americans

White families in the United States have a median wealth nearly 10 times greater than that of Black families. BCG managing director and partner Kedra Newsom Reeves explores this racial wealth inequality, and outlines how financial institutions can support Black Americans.

Corporate Banking and Capital Markets

Payments and Transaction Banking

Global Payments Report 2022: The New Growth Game

BCG’s 20th annual study of the global payments industry examines how all participants in the payments ecosystem—including acquirers, issuers, networks, wholesale transaction banks, and fintechs—can raise their game by pursuing new strategies for growth.

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South Africa and Artificial Intelligence

AI can play a major role in addressing the challenges that South African society faces in four key areas: healthcare, education, financial inclusion, and agriculture.

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