Digital Turbocharges Support Function & Shared Service Performance

Digital Turbocharges Support Function Performance

In the United States and Europe alone, more than 25 million people work in support functions—HR, IT, finance, customer call centers—in companies across a diverse array of industries. The administrative expenses associated with what are also often called shared services exceed $2.5 trillion, according to BCG analysis.

Imagine what these organizations could do if they not only cut the administrative expenses for these functions roughly in half but also:

  • Boosted productivity, service quality, and speed of innovation across support functions
  • Enhanced their ability to adapt to and scale up or down to meet the changing needs of internal customers
  • Made the functions more attractive to current and prospective talent

Digital Cuts Cost Across Shared Services

Using Digital Tools to Streamline Back-Office and Service Operations

Savvy use of digital tools and technologies—such as robotic process automation (RPA) and artificial intelligence (AI)—can help companies turbocharge the performance of their support functions. How? Digital transforms these functions from merely transactional service factories into service-solution providers and strategic partners that unleash new value throughout the organization.

Armed with digital tools, employees in these functions can draw on the right data—from multiple sources, in real time—to swiftly deliver services tailored to the needs of their internal customers, at every step in the customer journey. That kind of service frees customers—employees, managers, and executives—to devote the lion’s share of their time and energy to activities that create the most value.

When people can focus on value-adding activities such as formulating effective strategies, designing successful marketing campaigns, analyzing the competitive landscape, and crafting smart business plans, they and their entire organization win.

BCG’s Unique Advantage

BCG takes a holistic approach aimed at achieving and sustaining positive change for our clients by:

  • Ensuring that digitization of support functions aligns with your company’s C-level strategic agenda
  • Focusing on capturing the most valuable strategic opportunities, versus merely considering technology for technology’s sake
  • Taking into account disruptive trends and your operating model while crafting your digital transformation plan
  • Tapping into our engagement teams’ broad and deep functional and industry expertise
  • Combining deep digital competencies with a network of powerful partners to support end-to-end digital transformation for your support functions
  • Helping you build the people capabilities and foster the organizational cultural change essential for digitization of your support functions
  • Collaborating closely with leaders at all levels in your organization to ensure a successful outcome
  • Deploying proven and proprietary toolkits to support you through every stage of your digital transformation journey

BCG is helping large, complex global organizations complete ambitious digital transformations of their support functions and shared service organizations, across all industries, including automotive, pharmaceutical, consumer goods, industrial goods, mining, and IT. Thanks to our holistic approach, we have built an extensive track record of success with our clients. Examples of results include 30-75% reductions in FTEs and 40% targeted cost reductions.

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Digital Support Functions & Shared Services