Investments 2.0

To compete in a changing market, insurers must enhance their investment and asset management practices and extract value by embracing new solutions.

Insurance companies are the world’s second-largest money managers. However, a perfect storm of disruption—which includes the ongoing low interest rate environment, more stringent regulatory and compliance management requirements, changes in consumer and market demands, and increased volatility across all major asset classes—is forcing insurers to look for additional growth levers. To find them, insurers must continue to evolve their traditional investment and asset management practices, and adopt new strategies that can transform cost centers into new sources of profit.

BCG has observed that asset management captive players that grow and capture external flows will typically experience not just a higher cost base but also a higher revenue base and overall positive returns compared to their captive equivalents. 

BCG can help insurers preserve what works within their existing business models while helping them transform for growth via one or more new strategic solutions. Our solutions take a strategic approach to operational management, business model and product innovation, and are designed to provide insurers with the ability to maintain market share while boosting their competitive edge.

Product-Oriented Solutions

Third-Party Asset Management

Unit-Linked Platforms and Capabilites

Investment-Strategy-Oriented Solutions

Asset Liability Management

Alternative Investments

Why BCG?

Identifying and transitioning to new business models that take advantage of existing capabilities and transform operational businesses into strategic revenue producers is not an easy task. BCG is uniquely positioned to help insurers transform their investment and asset management operations to effectively compete and grow in a new market environment. BCG stands apart because of our:

  • Deep insurance expertise, proprietary data, and focus on go-to-market development strategies
  • Senior asset management experts, who have firsthand experience in relevant markets
  • Collaborative and customized engagement model, which provides our clients with clear understanding and ongoing ownership, as well as fact-based, insight-driven, tailor-made solutions to complex and emotional questions
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