Marketing Function Excellence

By optimizing marketing effectiveness and efficiency, our marketing-excellence consulting team helps companies improve their return on investment—in some cases by as much as 100%.

The job of marketers has grown broader and more complex. Traditional skills and expertise such as creativity, brand building, and customer insight remain critical. But as data sources have multiplied, marketing-function excellence has become a balance of art and science.

New digital channels and tools are rapidly emerging, and it’s increasingly important to understand how to integrate and leverage them. In addition, the marketing operating model must adapt quickly to changing conditions. Our team of dedicated marketing experts can help you embrace the future of marketing and become a leader in today’s omnichannel marketplace.

How We Help with Marketing-Function Excellence

We empower clients to build their own marketing capabilities across all levels of their organization. Our marketing-excellence consulting teams collaborate with clients in four broad areas:

  • Measuring and Improving Marketing Performance. We work with clients on marketing measurement to define key success metrics, leverage analytics to assess results, and translate insights into impact.
  • Mastering Digital and Data-Driven Marketing. We help clients build best-in-class capabilities, discover and prioritize innovative digital opportunities, and maximize digital-marketing efficiency at the top and bottom of the funnel.
  • Getting the Best from Partners. As marketers collaborate with an increasingly large number of third-party marketing-service providers (among them agencies, data providers, analytic partners, and advertising- and marketing-technology vendors), we make sure our clients get the best rates and pricing, deliver strong outcomes, and achieve high satisfaction within marketing teams.
  • Optimizing the Marketing Organization. To deliver marketing-function excellence, companies need to align their marketing strategy with business strategy, build strong governance, develop the right capabilities (digital media, content, measurement, and so on), strengthen marketing operations, and foster a culture that encourages innovation and agility.

Our Client Work in Marketing-Function Excellence

We’ve helped clients drive revenue increases and cut marketing costs by optimizing their marketing-function excellence. Learn more about the impact of our work with Diageo, L’Oréal, and Starbucks.

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