Climate Vision 2050

A net-zero world is within reach. But it will be a far different place—one where companies have recreated their businesses, people have adapted their lifestyles, and governments have taken measures to protect natural resources.

It’s 2050, and we’re exploring how the world radically reduced carbon emissions and saved itself from climate change catastrophe. What have our cities done to accommodate massive population growth? How have businesses built sustainable supply chains? How has farming changed? And what does the world look like for the rest of us as we live net-zero lives?

Join us for a podcast that jumps decades into the future, and immerse yourself in the climate action journey that makes this net-zero world possible.



The Mangrove Manifesto

In 2050, mangrove forests are thriving across Southeast Asia’s shorelines, protecting coastal communities from flooding and erosion. The region is a world leader in nature-based solutions to climate challenges. Environmental scientist Danilo Manolo travels through a protected mangrove forest in a national park in Malaysia to halt an illegal logging operation.

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From Future to Fork

Controlled-environment agriculture allows farmers to grow fruits and vegetables indoors all over the world and even on Mars. Vertical farms are interwoven into the fabric of our cities, and produce is grown in greenhouses in less densely populated areas. Farmer Louisette Thibault must contain a pest outbreak at indoor farming facilities in and around Montreal, Canada.

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Riding Out the Storm

Captain Karen Sharma, of India, will provide a behind- the-scenes look into how maritime freight transport operates in 2050. We'll explore how harnessing the power of the wind with kites, rotors, and sails--combined with new sustainable fuels (such as methanol) and optimization of supply chains through green corridors and other means--has transformed this industry to advance climate and sustainability goals.

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Sustainability at 36,000 Feet

The path to decarbonize aviation seemed insurmountable. Through new aircraft design, alternative fuels, and infrastructure improvements, flying is greener than ever. In a rush to get to the delivery room of his new baby, electric supercharging technician Paul Harper travels home on a supersonic jet run on sustainable aviation fuel.

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The Green City in the Sun

Urban planner Bailey Muthoni is our guide to life in Nairobi, Kenya, a city that has made massive strides toward addressing the climate crisis. Bailey shows us how Nairobi has benefited from sustainable housing, transportation, and agricultural initiatives—while also reducing poverty and tapping into the power of the sun and other renewable energy resources.

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The Ballad of the Wind Rigger

In 2050, our societies are powered by energy islands, each with hundreds of offshore wind turbines. In this episode, we travel alongside offshore technician Sofia Rojas to the North Sea, home to one of the oldest energy islands—where Sofia must investigate and fix an anomaly detected through the turbines’ AI interface.

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