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Podcasts by BCG

Reflecting the depth and diversity of the firm’s expertise, BCG’s podcasts dive into lively conversations that cover today’s trending topics.

The So What from BCG

In this series, award-winning journalist Georgie Frost interviews the leading thinkers and doers at BCG on the trends, developments, and ideas that will shape and disrupt the future. Topics range from global warming, COVID-19, business resilience, and social inequity to the influence of digital technology on everything.

Imagine This...

Me, Myself, and AI

This series from BCG and MIT Sloan Management Review connects with business leaders who have achieved big wins with their AI initiatives and—through straightforward, engaging conversation—finds out how they’ve done it.

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Punk Rock, the Peace Movement, and Open-Source AI: The Mozilla Foundation’s Mark Surman

Mark Surman, president of the Mozilla Foundation, introduces Mozilla’s recent investments beyond the Firefox browser — including its Mozilla.ai R&D lab and its Mozilla Ventures fund — and explains how they work to create foundational technology for more trustworthy artificial intelligence.

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Making Magic With Gen AI: Capital One’s Prem Natarajan

On this episode of Me, Myself, and AI, Prem Natarajan, chief scientist and head of enterprise AI at Capital One, describes trends he’s seeing in the artificial intelligence space and discusses the financial services company’s approach to generative AI.

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AI on Mars: NASA’s Vandi Verma

On this episode, Vandi Verma, a principal engineer and the deputy section manager for the Mobility & Robotics section at the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, discusses NASA’s use of artificial intelligence in robotics, autonomous driving, and digital twin simulations.

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Operational Safety With AI: Chevron’s Ellen Nielsen

On this episode of Me, Myself, and AI, Ellen Nielsen, Chevron’s first chief data officer, outlines how the integrated energy company uses AI and machine learning technologies in the interest of enhancing worker and environmental safety as well as production efficiency.

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Thinkers and Ideas

This podcast from the BCG Henderson Institute (BHI) unearths inspiring and thought-provoking insights from leading thinkers about influential ideas on business, technology, economics, and science. Martin Reeves, chairman of the BCG Henderson Institute, and Philipp Carlsson-Szlezak, global chief economist of BCG, host the series.

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Big Bets with Rajiv Shah

In his new book, Big Bets: How Large-Scale Change Really Happens, Rajiv Shah, President of the Rockefeller Foundation recounts his experiences and lessons learned over decades of effecting large-scale social change. He shares how addressing humanity’s thorniest challenges requires a big bets mindset – pushing to solve, rather than merely improve, problems; and going for “big enough”, rather than settling for “good enough”.

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Mixed Signals with Uri Gneezy

In his new book,  Mixed Signals: How Incentives Really Work,  Uri Gneezy explains why leaders often create incentives that are misaligned with their organization’s goals.

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Climate Vision 2050

BCG's most imaginative podcast yet is set in the year 2050, yet it is not a work of fantasy. We're exploring how the world radically reduced carbon emissions and saved itself from climate change catastrophe. Immerse yourself in the climate action journey that makes this net-zero world possible.

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Driven to Adapt

Electric vehicles have revolutionized the automotive industry and created a sustainable circular economy. Today in 2050, the internal combustion engine is a relic of the past. At the Paulista Grand Prix in São Paulo, race car driver Bela Tanaka goes neck and neck with Rahul Gonzalez for a chance at the top 5.

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BCG Presents: Climate Rising – How BCG Uses AI to Address Climate Change

This week, we’re presenting an episode of Climate Rising from our friends at Harvard Business School. In this first episode of a new series on climate change and AI, Hamid Maher and Charlotte Degot, Managing Directors and Partners at Boston Consulting Group (BCG), explain how BCG has developed and uses AI tools to help their clients manage climate risks and address mitigation and adaptation challenges. They describe how they pitch these solutions to potential clients, and share their advice for those interested in careers in business and climate.

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Green is the New Black

Clothing recycling along with second-hand and rental markets have significantly decreased waste in the fashion industry. Today in 2050, every garment tells a story. This transparency about an item’s provenance empowers consumers to make responsible choices. At Tokyo Fashion Week, model Emiko Ikeda must decide if they should take a stand against unethical clothing manufacturing.

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The Mangrove Manifesto

In 2050, mangrove forests are thriving across Southeast Asia’s shorelines, protecting coastal communities from flooding and erosion. The region is a world leader in nature-based solutions to climate challenges. Environmental scientist Danilo Manolo travels through a protected mangrove forest in a national park in Malaysia to halt an illegal logging operation.

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American Metamorphosis

Is the US a country in flux? Emmy-nominated journalist Caroline Modarressy-Tehrani digs into America’s most complex challenges in this podcast from BCG and Atlantic Re:Think. Through deep storytelling, episodes explore transformative insights and ways to repair our country’s cracks.

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The Way Forward

Christoph Schweizer, BCG's Global CEO, Kristen Kish, Iron Chef co-host, and Seth Dobrin, the president of the Responsible AI Institute, discuss how to build our future with empathy, from the kitchen to the data lab.

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Transform to Perform

We hear from an Olympic marathon runner and a former fMRI brain researcher about how to stay composed under pressure, and learn how these insights can be applied to the energy sector as it strives to meet the demands of a greener future.

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In Her Ellement

Digital expert Suchi Srinivasan and product designer Corin Lines, both from BCG, talk to the women at the vanguard of technology in business, art, education, and more. How did these leaders get where they are, and what made them realize they had arrived—that they were in their element?

Meet the Host Kamila Rakhimova

In this episode, we're excited to introduce our new co-host, Kamila Rakhimova, managing director, and partner at BCG. Kamila takes us on a journey from her native Tajikistan to the USA and through a career that she has mapped out on her terms.

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Developing Confidence with Icertis’ Deanna Lanier

Our confidence levels can change over time. They can also be influenced by "life events": the stuff that happens outside of our career that we have no control over. Despite her years of experience, today’s guest, Deanna Lanier, CSO of Icertis, doesn’t feel confident all the time.

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Holiday Throwback: The Unconventional Path with The Alan Turing Institute’s Dr. Erin Young

In this special holiday episode, we’re taking you back to Season 2 for Corin Lines’ conversation with Dr Erin Young, Research Fellow at The Alan Turing Institute. How do you carve out a way to follow your passions in your own way? Dr. Erin Young has followed her professional interests across disciplines, and the world.

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Prying Open the Doors of Opportunity with Girls Who Code's Dr. Tarika Barrett

Dr. Tarika Barrett is the proud daughter of immigrant parents who, through generations, instilled the value of education in her. Taika lives this legacy every day in her work as CEO of Girls Who Code.

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