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Digital Maturity

BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index is a questionnaire-based evaluation of a company’s digital maturity across 42 dimensions.

Digital maturity—a measure of an organization’s ability to create value through digital—is a key predictor of success for companies launching a digital transformation. Businesses with high levels of digital maturity have a competitive advantage along multiple performance indicators, including revenue growth, time to market, cost efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction. Businesses with low levels of digital maturity struggle to achieve these benefits. Given digital’s continued contribution to company performance, the gap between digital leaders and laggards will likely grow.

Our Digital Maturity Assessment Survey

BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index (DAI) is a powerful diagnostic tool that lets companies conduct a digital capability assessment and compare their digital performance with peers, the industry average, best-in-class digital leaders, and everyone in between. It also assesses their readiness to blend new technologies with human capabilities to power growth, innovation, efficiency, and resilience.

Companies leverage DAI in two ways:

At the beginning of a digital transformation, companies use DAI to benchmark their digital maturity in 42 categories, such as customer journeys, digital supply chain, and marketing personalization. This early benchmarking becomes exponentially more valuable over the course of a digital transformation as companies track digital growth to identify where they’re gaining traction and where they’re falling behind.

Companies also use DAI, in combination with deep-dive assessments, to benchmark their broad capabilities, such as new digital growth, go-to-market capabilities, and future-ready tech functions. By focusing on the capabilities that boost digital maturity, companies can improve competitive advantage along multiple performance indicators, such as time to market, cost efficiency, product quality, and customer satisfaction.

What Makes the Digital Acceleration Index Unique?

The DAI database includes digital maturity data from more than 11,500 companies. It delivers the data leaders need to define a unique and achievable digital ambition, develop an integrated digital strategy roadmap, and build a reliable foundation from which to launch their digital transformation.

The scope of DAI is unparalleled. BCG’s digital maturity framework has already been used by top-level executives and digital experts across all industries and geographies. In addition to companies, governments have used it to assess their entire economies in order to prioritize sector programs and develop digital centers of excellence.

BCG also offers a DAI app that lets companies instantly access data, track progress in real time, and visualize clear correlations between digital maturity and financial outcomes. The data is continuously refreshed, and more than 60% of the data points are younger than 12 months.

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Show Me the Digital Value

Show Me the Digital Value

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Digital Acceleration Index in Industries

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Digital Underinvestment Hurts Insurers

Insurance companies that make targeted, bold investments in digital initiatives see quick returns on revenue generation, cost containment, and customer satisfaction.

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