BCG's Innovation Center for Operations

BCG’s Innovation Center for Operations

BCG’s Innovation Center for Operations immerses our clients in innovation, Industry 4.0, and the use of advanced technologies in operations.

BCG’s Innovation Center for Operations is a network of capabilities and offerings that features 11 model factories across France, Germany, Singapore, Ireland, Brazil, China, and the US. At each of these units, our experts conduct workshops, followed by assessments, which enable business leaders to investigate and experiment firsthand with every aspect of the current manufacturing revolution.

Our Innovation Center for Operations offers a spectrum of services, including model factories, digital mobile labs, tools for quick impact, assessment and solution support, enablement curriculum, and a continuously growing partnership ecosystem. This comprehensive assistance helps clients explore their Industry 4.0 potential.

Worldwide Model Factories

Visit one of the 11 model factories around the world and immerse yourself in the experience of digital manufacturing and supply chain management.

Each visit includes capability-building sessions, an exchange of ideas with experts, and hands-on testing, including actual production lines. All these interactions are aimed at generating insights about how to optimize your manufacturing strategy and implementation.

Partners and Focused Industries for BCG’s Model Factories

The Biopharma 4.0 Alliance

Developed by Boston Consulting Group and NIBRT, the world’s first innovation center fully dedicated to biopharma operations showcases the latest Industry 4.0 technologies in biopharma manufacturing, quality control, and training excellence.

Innovation Center for Operations in Wichita, Kansas

In the US, instead of a single model factory, ICO offers flexible formats tailored to client needs, including Industry 4.0 discovery sessions, hands-on immersion workshops with technology providers, and even road shows leveraging BCG’s broad ecosystem of Industry 4.0 vendors and academic institution partners.

Additional ICO Offerings

BCG assists you with a comprehensive range of tools and support.

Innovation Center for Operations Consultants

The experts at our Innovation Center for Operations are top-tier strategy consultants who bring immersion, experimentation, and training to companies around the globe.

Featured Client Work with the Innovation Center for Operations

  • Creating Market Opportunities
    By exploring scenarios through BCG’s Innovation Center for Operations, an industrial goods company was able to identify opportunities in additive manufacturing. As a result, an operating model for the new business was born—and the company positioned itself to tackle this market.
  • Setting Up a Greenfield Factory
    A consumer goods company was relocating its production. By working with BCG’s Innovation Center for Operations, the company set up a greenfield factory that decreased conversion costs by 13%, enhanced material flow, and optimized warehouse efficiency.
  • Building a Lighthouse Plant
    A company was preparing to build a state-of-the-art lighthouse plant in a high-cost country. BCG helped assess the technological requirements and delineated the advantages.

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BCG’s Innovation Center for Operations