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Organization Design

BCG’s approach to organization design starts with a single premise: changing a company’s performance requires changing the organizational context in which its employees perform.

What happens in a company is not simply a matter of organization structures, processes, and systems but also one of behavior—that is, how people act, interact, and make decisions. To address this underlying driver of performance, BCG applies a set of levers that transform individual behaviors, encourage new ways of working, and create a purpose-driven organizational culture.

By using this organization design approach, BCG recently ranked as best among market leaders on organization strategy consulting, earning top scores for depth of capabilities, breadth of capabilities, and client impact, according to ALM Intelligence.

Redesigning More than Organization Structure

Creating a high-performance organization requires not only optimizing an organization’s structure and roles but also changing its ways of working and its approach to building and aligning capabilities in leadership and culture.

  • Changing the Structure and Roles. High-performing companies don’t manage their organization’s complexity by prescribing specific behaviors. Rather, they create a context that encourages optimal behaviors. Critical to success are a flat organization structure, a well-designed corporate center, effective use of shared services, and a strong people strategy that fosters collaboration.
  • Embracing New Ways of Working. BCG analysis shows that new ways of working can make a company a top performer, with faster growth and higher profits than its peers. We work with clients to support organization change through agile ways of working, lean processes, and end-to-end digitization.
  • Aligning Leadership and Culture. Companies with aligned leadership and a purpose-driven organizational culture outperform their peers, attract and retain a diverse workforce with high-caliber skills, and empower employees to collaborate and innovate in agile ways.

Smart Design for Performance

BCG’s approach to redesigning an organization, which we call Smart Design for Performance, has demonstrated great success in boosting company performance, mastering complexity, and enhancing employee engagement. The organization design approach involves three main steps:


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Meet Our Organization Design Consulting Team

These are a few of BCG’s experts from around the globe who lead our organization design consulting teams:

BCG’s Organization Design Tools

The Smart Design for Performance approach, paired with our robust set of tools, puts companies on a path to becoming a flexible, high-performing, and modern organization.

  • BCG’s patented OrgBuilder tool helps clients actively resolve complexity and avoid bureaucracy to ensure the successful implementation of any organization structure and design change.

  • BCG’s unique Smart Simplicity approach can help companies manage the ever-increasing complexity that bogs down performance and growth.
  • Our OrgVantage solution allows our organization design consulting teams to perform a holistic organization diagnostic that evaluates performance against 12 context levers.
  • BCG’s distributed approach to design ensures that managers deep within the organization are responsible for defining roles and aligning people with positions.

BCG’s Featured Insights in Organization Design

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The Power of Distributed Organization Design

BCG’s proprietary OrgBuilder tool lets companies rapidly achieve design and talent objectives by mobilizing and synchronizing the actions of thousands of individuals throughout the enterprise.

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