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Powerful Solutions to Pressing Global Challenges

Unequal access to resources, opportunities, and outcomes is a major source of global instability, disrupting the lives of millions of people and also the environment in which businesses operate. It's the problem of our time. That’s why BCG is driving major initiatives on a broad spectrum of global challenges, closely aligned to addressing and achieving the United Nation’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Our founder, Bruce Henderson, was fond of quoting Archimedes: “Give me a lever long enough and a place to stand, and I will move the world.” Our Social Impact practice is the lever with which BCG makes the world a better place.

We work with organizations in the social, public, and private sectors to deliver frame-breaking solutions to some of the most complex problems in contemporary society.


How Does Your Business Impact Society?

Increasingly, we are working with our private-sector clients to transform their capacity to deliver positive social impact. We help them expand their aspiration; think beyond traditional initiatives for corporate social responsibility, sustainability, or corporate philanthropy; and incorporate total societal impact (TSI) as an integral part of their corporate and business strategies.

BCGers Describe Their Social Impact Work

To communicate our excitement about social impact work, BCGers have been telling their personal stories on LinkedIn. Explore the experiences of our consultants in the field.

What COVID-19 Tells Us About The Materiality Of ESG Factors

Today's ESG factors emerge out of nowhere and evolve at rapid speed. To survive and thrive, investors need a flexible and forward-looking approach.

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Veronica Chau
Partner and Director, Sustainable Investing & Social Impact
Washington, DC

We Can Improve Performance in Global Health, But a New Approach Is Needed

Across the next decade, global health challenges will feature more complex burdens in more challenging locations.

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Jim Larson
Managing Director & Partner

Think Large Public Systems Can’t Be Fixed? Try Introducing a Little Peer Pressure!

BCG's Abhishek Gopalka takes the TED@BCG stage to share his insight on sparking people's competitive spirit to fix broken-public systems.

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Abhishek Gopalka
Managing Director & Partner
New Delhi

Businesswomen, Airplanes, $5 Trillion: A Reflection on the Gender Gap

How can equal representation in entrepreneurship become a reality?

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Katherine Ballinger
Student at MIT Sloan School of Management

Putting the “Impact” in Social Impact

BCG brings its traditional emphasis on in-depth analytics, strategic insight, and the innovative application of digital technologies to magnify the impact of our social impact partners on major global challenges, ranging from global health to sustainable economic development.


How Impact-Linked Finance Can Accelerate the SDGs

BCG collaborated with Roots of Impact to define and accelerate the concept of “impact-linked finance”—an alternative funding mechanism for the SDGs.

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Reducing Food Waste

A fast-moving consumer goods company addresses the problem of food waste with benefits for its bottom line and society.

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A New Vision for Fighting Malaria

BCG collaborates with the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to shift the world’s focus from controlling the disease to eradicating it.

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Transforming Education on a Massive Scale

BCG enabled the Indian state of Haryana to quickly and sustainably boost its academic quality for millions of students across the state.

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BCG on Social Impact

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BCG 2019 Making a Difference Report

Our inaugural Annual Sustainability Report details the steps we have taken—both through our client work and through the transformation of our own operations—to address important societal and environmental challenges in 2019 and to help shape a brighter future.

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