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A positive societal impact must be a central component of corporate strategy rather than a byproduct of success. Companies are uniquely positioned to tackle global issues, which can bring powerful advantages. Explore BCG’s latest insights on social impact to learn how the growth of your business can benefit the world.

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Climate Adaptation and Resilience

BCG-WEF Report: Tech for Climate Adaptation | Hero

BCG-WEF Project: Tech for Climate Adaptation

Leaders from both the public and private sectors must take bold action to protect communities, organizations, and natural systems from the impacts of climate change. A new generation of data-driven and digital technologies will play a central role in this effort.

Using AI to Build Climate Resilience Where It's Needed Most

Southeast Asia and other Global South regions are particularly vulnerable to the effects of climate change. Dave Sivaprasad explains how AI can play a crucial role in protecting at-risk populations.

Sustainable Investing and ESG

Banks Can Bet Big on Social Impact Hero Rect

Banks Can Bet Big on Social Impact

Financial institutions that lead on social tend to outperform. But there is no “net zero” for social—and banks are struggling to seize the opportunity.

Global Health

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Addressing Challenges at the Intersection of Climate and Health

BCG conducted a study of more than 70 organizations—including philanthropies, multilateral development banks, government agencies, nongovernmental organizations, private sector actors, and others—to understand how key stakeholders are approaching the climate-health challenge.

Human Health Depends on Planetary Health

Too often is it taken for granted that the environment is a massive determinant of human well-being. Putting health at the center of our climate discussions is critical.

How Can Health Care Be Socially Transformative?

BCG’s Johanna Benesty explains that, while businesses in every sector have the potential to be socially transformative, the opportunity in healthcare is particularly great.

Economic Development

Humanitarian Response

Migration in the Spotlight

The climate crisis is already displacing millions, and the problem is poised to get worst. Is enough being done? How can the public and private sectors come together to address this issue?

Supporting Ukraine Study_hero_rectangle.jpg

Supporting Ukraine: A Study on Potential Recovery Strategies for Ukraine

Recovery efforts in Ukraine hinge on the country's capacity to absorb technical and financial support. BCG and The European Investment Bank recommend key frameworks and principals for maximizing the economic and social impact of these efforts, as well as strategies for prioritizing funding and support.

The Private Sector's Role in Humanitarian Crises

David Young clarifies the private sector's role in preparing for humanitarian crises for the good of the business, its employees, and the country in which it operates.

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BCG on Social Impact

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Food Systems and Security

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The Whole Truth About Whole Grains

Worldwide consumption of refined grains contributes significantly to diet-related disease and malnutrition. Production of these grains creates serious environmental damage. A powerful antidote to these problems is fortified whole grains.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

BCG at UN General Assembly and Climate Week

The UN's Sustainable Development Goals were laid out in 2015, with the hope of being reached by 2030. 2023 marks a pivotal halfway point, and during September's UN General Assembly and New York Climate Week, BCG leaders joined government representatives and business leaders to drive action on these goals.

Going Faster and Farther on SDGs

Tolu Oyekan describes what it will take to make much-needed progress on achieving the UN's Sustainable Development Goals.

National Progress on Global Ambitions

Vincent Chin explains why country-level governments are best positioned to help the world reach the UN's Sustainable Development Goals—and how to realize these ambitions.

Reasons for Optimism

Qahir Dhanani shares his thoughts on what's possible and the importance of focusing on people in the years ahead.

Regenerative Agriculture on the Menu

BCG’s Shalini Unnikrishnan joins Unilever’s Hanneke Faber to discuss regenerative agriculture and the collaborations that are key.

The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on Creating Competitive Advantage Through Sustainability