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A positive societal impact must be a central component of corporate strategy rather than a byproduct of success. Companies are uniquely positioned to tackle global issues, which can bring powerful advantages. Explore BCG’s latest insights on social impact to learn how the growth of your business can benefit the world.

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Climate Adaptation and Resilience

Education as a Catalyst for Climate Progress Hero Rectangle

Education as a Catalyst for Climate Progress

Education is a powerful means of spurring behavioral change and collective action, cultivating green skills, ensuring a just transition to a sustainable economy, and building communities’ adaptive capacity.

Sustainable Investing and ESG


Private Equity Should Take the Lead in Sustainability, Here’s How

Private equity is under increasing pressure to integrate ESG into investment strategies. That is a huge opportunity for the industry--and for society. In a recent issue of Harvard Business Review, BCG experts examine how PE firms can lead the way in sustainable investing.

From Compliance to Courage in ESG - rectangle

From Compliance to Courage in ESG

Companies that view environmental, social, and governance initiatives as an exercise in compliance, rather than a source of competitive advantage, are leaving substantial value on the table.

Global Health

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Reimagining Global Health After the Coronavirus

What has worked, what can be improved, and what needs to be reimagined so that we are better prepared for the next pandemic and better able to improve health in the world’s poorest nations?

What Happens after We Develop a COVID-19 Vaccine?

BCG Managing Director & Partner Johanna Benesty looks at barriers to "equitable access"—making sure COVID-19 therapeutics are available to all—and shares a creative approach to vaccine research and development.

Economic Development

Humanitarian Response

The Private Sector's Role in Humanitarian Crises

David Young clarifies the private sector's role in preparing for humanitarian crises for the good of the business, its employees, and the country in which it operates.

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Food Systems and Security

The Time Is Ripe for Food Tracing

The Time Is Ripe for Food Traceability

Food traceability is here to stay. The question is whether food companies, distributors, and retailers treat it as a regulatory burden or a strategic opportunity.

Closing the Food Waste Gap

Closing the Food Waste Gap

In the face of the looming food crisis, the cost of inaction is enormous—but so is the opportunity to make a difference.

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

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The Sustainable Advantage: Insights on creating competitive advantage through sustainability.

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