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Innovative companies take a holistic approach not just to product development but also to the way they do business, inside and out. Innovation strategies require forward-thinking ideation, agile collaboration, and seamless execution. Explore BCG’s thought leadership on innovation and product development to rethink your innovation strategy and delivery.

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Unlocking Cities: The impact of ridesharing across India

Ridesharing has the potential to be a vital part of the solution to India’s transportation needs and can reduce up to 33%-68% of private cars and congestion by 17%-31% across biggest cities. Uber has commissioned the Boston Consulting Group to assess the potential benefits that greater adoption of ridesharing may bring. Realizing these benefits would depend on collaboration between the rideshare ecosystem and the public sector.

IT for India - New Horizons New Opportunities

The Confederation of Indian Industry and the Boston Consulting Group released a report titled IT for India – New Horizons, New Opportunities. The report discusses the trends in IT enablement of Indian businesses and lays down the opportunities, challenges and the role of different stakeholders—IT providers, end-user industries and the government need to play in faster and better penetration of IT.

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Innovation Strategy and Delivery