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Our Latest Thinking on Financial Institutions

Technology is dramatically reshaping banks, asset and wealth managers, and other financial institutions. Digital disruption, however challenging, can open the door to new opportunities—but how best to capture them? Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on financial institutions to hear the views of our experts.

Featured Insights

Why Aren’t Banks Getting More from Digital?

Banks understand that digitalization will drive the successful delivery models of the future. Few, however, have managed to make it pay, suggesting that a fresh approach to digital is needed.

How will financial institutions evolve? How will consumers bank ten years from now? Will digital natives redefine the landscape? Connect with us on LinkedIn to view our latest insights and share your ideas.

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Financial Institutions in India

Unlocking Success in Corporate Banking through Digital

Unlocking Success in Corporate Banking through Digital

Today's corporate banks operate in a challenging and turbulent environment. To thrive in this environment, corporate banks need to ride the digital wave and leverage the currency of big data with one of the most powerful tools of modern banking – advanced analytics. By crawling the vast trove of historic customer and transaction data with AI engines and Machine Learning algorithms, banks stand to strengthen the advisory role of the RMs, improve conversions and ultimately augment their fee income.

EASE reforms for public sector banks

EASE reforms for public sector banks

The Government launched a comprehensive reforms strategy for the financial ecosystem and Public Sector Banks. The Report is also an encapsulation of the 'State of the Banking Industry' and highlights the important developments in the banking industry which are contributing to continuous growth and progress of PSBs in India.

Credit Disrupted: Digital MSME Lending in India

Credit Disrupted: Digital MSME Lending in India

India’s 60 million micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) make an enormous contribution both to India’s employment and its gross domestic product (GDP). However, India has yet to reach its potential, lagging 10 percentage points behind the US and 23 points behind China in GDP contribution.

The report talks about how digital lending to MSMEs in India has significant potential to disrupt the status quo in financial services. Digital lending to MSME's is projected to increase between 10 and 15 times by 2023, to between 6 and 7 Lakh Crore ($80-100 billion) in annual disbursements. Combined with a largely level playing field in India, without dominant incumbents, a range of entrants and business models can be successful in tapping that market.

Providing Financial Services to SMEs in an Increasingly Digital Eco-system

Providing Financial Services to SMEs in an Increasingly Digital Eco-system

The past decade has seen the Indian banking industry starting to undergo a transformation like it has never seen before. The rate of change in the industry continues to increase every passing year, with changes in the competitive landscape as well as the customer segments. There is rising competition from the new-age, more agile and technologically advanced fin-techs and NBFCs, while the banking industry continues to struggle with the problem of bad loans, which exerts a strain on the adequacy of capital of the banks.

Laurent Desmangles on Personalized Banking

The benefits are big and banks already have enough data to hit the ground running.

The Digital Metamorphoses in China

Asset managers in China are facing fundamental changes to their industry brought on by the rise of digital technology and advanced analytics. Qin Xu, partner and managing director, explains how companies can explore new ways to maximize the value of this ongoing transformation.

Why Wealth Managers Must Adapt for the Future

Anna Zakrzewski, partner and managing director, discusses the overall state of today’s wealth management industry and the dynamics that are forcing players to change in fundamental ways.

How CIB Markets Divisions Can Boost Revenue Growth

How CIB Markets Divisions Can Boost Revenue Growth

By targeting high-value clients and creating agile client teams, CIBs can repurpose these divisions to achieve double-digit revenue gains and increase wallet share.

Trimming the Sails

BCG’s 2018 Treasury Benchmarking Survey, the fifth in a biennial series, continues the story of how treasuries have responded to one of the most challenging periods in banking history. For most, it has been a journey of significant and, in some cases, profound change.

Data Analytics for Financial Institutions: The Journey from Insight to Value

Data Analytics for Financial Institutions

Savvier analytics practices, partnerships, and organization models can help financial institutions generate billions from data analytics, according to a study by BCG and Morgan Stanley Research.

Expert Interviews

New Ways of Working in Banking

New Ways of Working in Banking

Technology is Transforming Banking, and Customer Needs Are Shifting

Tjun Tang on Digital Finance in China

Niclas Storz on How Banks Should Respond to Fundamental Changes Occurring in the Industry

Transforming Retail Banks for the Digital Age

Winning in Today's Corporate Banking Environment

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