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Scale Digital Faster with a Data and Digital Platform

Instead of embarking on a massive multiyear IT transformation, companies can build a data and digital platform that delivers three to five times the value in half the time and at half the cost. By implementing BCG’s data and digital platform, companies can enable new digital services and upgrade their core IT, both of which are critical to the success of a digital transformation.

Such a digital transformation is a journey—and it is fundamental to start modernizing IT early in this journey. Yet that does not mean that you need to revamp all your IT architecture before implementing digital services or launching pilots for data and digital uses that may never scale up. Rather, a critical first step is implementing a data and digital platform, which can both scale up and deliver value fast.

From Legacy Technology to Our Data and Digital Platform

At BCG, we believe that a successful digital transformation requires decoupling the data layer from legacy IT so that companies aren’t forced to modernize their enterprise resource planning systems all at once—an expensive, time-consuming, and risky proposition. Companies that implement data and digital platforms—separating the data layer from legacy IT—can scale up new digital services faster, while upgrading their core IT.

It has only recently become feasible to build the data platform and smart business layers separately from the existing core, thanks to multiple advances in SaaS, PaaS, cloud offerings, low code platforms, and the open source community.

The Characteristics of Digital Platforms


We bring unique capabilities and deep expertise to data and digital platform development. We count IT architects, data integration and migration experts, and technology and cloud specialists among our data and digital platform consultants. These experts address:

  • Digital design and engineering, including prototype implementation, platform build-out, architecture solution
  • UX/strategic design
  • IT risk management, including post-merger integrations
  • Agile and DevOps approaches
  • Client enablement, client visits, and demos

We work with clients on:

Our ERP experts help clients migrate away from legacy ERP platforms—and build next-generation data and digital systems.

BCG’s proprietary digital maturity assessments enable companies to benchmark against peers and develop a rock-solid data and digital platform strategy.

  • BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index enables companies to conduct a quick, objective, outside-in assessment of their current digital maturity compared with peers.
  • BCG’s data capability maturity survey assesses seven data capabilities to help companies design better digital strategies and compete more effectively as data-driven organizations.
  • BCG’s rapid assessment of data and digital platform architecture offers a high-impact, two-week exercise to identify technology gaps that must be addressed to achieve data and digital platform excellence.
  • BCG’s data governance maturity assessment informs actions and priorities to further mature data governance capabilities.
  • BCG’s specialty business BCG GAMMA applies artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to business.

Our Work with Clients on Data and Digital Platforms

We have helped many of our clients build and realize the benefits of digital platforms as part of their digital transformations. Examples include:

Meet Our Data and Digital Platform Consulting Team

Our data and digital platform consultants and industry experts help clients create the foundation for a successful digital transformation. Here are some of our experts on the topic.

Learn More About Data and Digital Platforms


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