Oxana Dankova is a core member of the Energy and Operations practice areas at The Boston Consulting Group. She has been with the firm since 2006, supporting clients in Russia, Europe, the US, the Middle East, and Australia, and works with energy companies across the value chain, including upstream, petrochemicals, power generation and retail, transmission and distribution. Oxana is a founding member of BCG's Network Transformation Services (NeTS) team focusing on transformation of electricity network businesses.

Oxana has extensive experience leading operational transformations for global energy businesses, delivering sustainable change to help them prepare for the energy world of the future. She has also supported multiple corporate and functional strategy development and implementation projects for her energy clients.

Oxana’s pre-BCG experience includes supporting the Russian power sector reform, working in the construction sector, and working at the Russian Academy of Science as part of her PhD work in the fields of institutional economics and new political economy.


  • Utility transformations
  • Capital governance, large capital project management, and capital efficiency
  • Asset management, workforce management, and customer operations in utilities
  • Working capital optimization
  • Procurement and supply chain optimization
  • Digital and advanced analytics enablement
  • Customer centricity and Lean enablement
  • Organizational design and change management


  • PhD, economics, Central Economics & Mathematics Institute of the Russian Academy of Science
  • MA, honors, economics and management, Bashkir State University


  • Diploma with honors, Bashkir State University
Deep Expertise, Broad Experience