BCG’s Partnership with Professor Yunus and His Social Business Network

BCG's newest global social impact partner is Nobel Peace Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus, Grameen Bank founder and microfinance and microcredit pioneer. We are working with Professor Yunus—widely considered the thought leader and one of the earliest implementers of the "social business" concept—and his network of organizations, including Yunus Social Business—Global Initiatives (YSB).

A social business is a company that leverages business principles to solve a social problem. Original investments may be recouped, but all profits are reinvested to further increase the organization’s social impact.

Since BCG began supporting Professor Yunus and his network in 2012, our partnership has evolved to cover strategic as well as operational issues with several of his organizations. Here, Grameen America CEO joined BCG's Doug Beal to discuss the role of microcredit in the age of COVID-19.

Responding to COVID-19 at the Largest Microfinance Organization in the US

For small entrepreneurs already living on the margins, the COVID-19 crisis has been especially devastating. Hear how microlender Grameen America was able to provide microloans to low-income entrepreneurs—while pivoting to a “no contact” business model.

Founded by Professor Yunus in 2011, YSB currently operates in seven countries. In each, local teams source, coach, and mentor entrepreneurs through structured accelerator programs. YSB finances the most promising social businesses and provides postinvestment support.

Learn More About the Concept of Social Business

Professor Muhammad Yunus on the Power of Social Business

In this video interview, Professor Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize winner and founder of the Grameen Bank and Yunus Social Business, talks about the power of social business, a way companies can apply their enterprises to solve human problems.


The Power of Social Business

Applying business principles to social problems can significantly increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and financial sustainability of the solutions. Social businesses, which bridge the business and social sectors, offer lessons in delivering social impact alongside commercial benefits.

Meet Some of Our Experts Working with Professor Yunus and His Network of Social Businesses

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