Gender Equality

The research is clear: there’s an urgent need for gender parity in the global labor force. BCG helps clients achieve this critical goal and promote gender equality throughout their organizations.

Increasing the number of women in the workplace improves outcomes for all levels of society. Building gender-inclusive workplaces unlocks greater prosperity, heightens resilience, and boosts socioeconomic progress. BCG’s gender equality consulting can help organizations close the gender gap in their workforces to the benefit of individuals and institutions everywhere.

Socioeconomic Benefits of Women's Participation in the Workplace

When more women participate and succeed in the workplace, everyone benefits.

How BCG Helps Companies Advance Gender Equality and Inclusion

The data is compelling, and most corporate leaders now understand that companies must strive for diversity if they want to acquire and retain talent, build employee engagement, and improve business performance. But for all the programs and efforts under way, few have been successful in closing the gender gap in work participation. Understanding what to do—and how—to achieve gender parity poses a considerable challenge.

With so much at stake and so many obstacles to overcome, clients turn to BCG for our deep expertise in driving measurable change in gender diversity and inclusion.

Recruiting is the sole focus of many companies’ gender equality efforts. BCG can help widen this lens while also delivering results in the areas of employee retention, advancement, and leadership commitment to diversity and gender inclusion.

We achieve these critical goals by working alongside clients to identify the current state of gender equality at their organizations. After drawing a strategic roadmap, we help our clients stride toward a more inclusive future.

Our holistic approach focuses on five building blocks for improving and accelerating diversity and inclusion initiatives. Using our Diversity and Inclusion Assessment for Leadership (DIAL) tool we help our clients:

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BCG’s North America Center for Inclusion and Equity

We help companies reimagine their business strategy in a way that eliminates systemic bias, sparks broader social change, and creates competitive advantage.

Learn More About Gender Equality and Inclusion

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The Working Caregivers Series

Working caregivers—particularly women—left the workforce in record numbers during the pandemic. Now they're returning to work, and companies must deliver the support employees need to make the workplace inclusive and sustainable—or risk losing top talent again.

Meet Our Gender Equality Consulting Team

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