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Digital Sales

Next-generation sales brings together the power of analytics, digital tools, agile processes, and people expertise to create an efficient go-to-market strategy—creating cost-effective, organizational efficiencies. BCG helps clients unleash the full potential of digital sales.

Companies face an explosion of digital touchpoints and channels—and the opportunity to access customers who couldn’t be reached with traditional models. To meet consumers’ evolving needs and stay ahead of the competition, organizations must adopt a next-generation sales approach: transforming from an outdated sales function to an omnichannel champion.

Our Digital Sales Solutions and Services

Our digital sales consultants work directly with sales teams on the ground to benchmark your current B2C and B2B digital sales processes, identify untapped opportunities, and establish a data-driven sales strategy. Armed with this analysis, we roll up our sleeves and enable your teams to launch agile sprints and test ideas in the market—then scale up quickly.

In addition to our deep experience in digital sales and digital marketing, we also bring comprehensive expertise in digital innovation, big data, and IT architecture. This allows us to deliver end-to-end solutions that integrate a data-driven sales strategy with cutting-edge technologies, tools, and data and analytics.

Our Approach to Digital Sales

Our successful digital sales transformation is built upon five principles:

Companies that master these five principles not only gain, on average, a 3% EBITDA margin advantage over competitors, they also outperform in terms of profits, revenue, and growth.

Supercharging Digital Sales with AI

Many organizations assume that they don't have enough data to use AI in sales, or that they should focus on the basics first—but this is a myth. Our approach harnesses the data organizations have available, coupled with a collection of relevant use cases, to unlock AI and data-driven sales.

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Our Digital Sales Consulting Work

In the last five years, we have completed more than 1,800 digital sales projects across all industries and regions—each one tailored to meet our clients’ unique circumstances. These projects have driven significant results:

Transforming Digital Sales at E.ON

BCG helped E.ON develop its digital sales platform and reshape its legacy infrastructure to better position the company to address its most pressing challenges, such as climate change.

Reinventing Customer Insights: Zoetis's Next-Generation Sales Engine

A leading global animal health company partnered with DigitalBCG to develop an AI-powered sales engine to target and engage with customers, driving double-digit growth.

  • A US telecommunications company experienced stagnant digital sales owing to a lack of integration between sales and digital. In collaboration with BCG’s digital sales consulting team, the company built a high-velocity inbound sales operation, which increased the digital conversion rate by 600% and achieved a $500 million impact over five years.
  • Our digital sales consultants helped a global biopharma company develop an integrated set of capabilities across analytics, marketing, and inside sales in order to engage customers in a more targeted, personalized, and data-driven way. In 15 months, the company increased its incremental annual sales by $45 million, improved sales rep productivity by 45%, and doubled its sales conversion rate.
  • A leading global technology company, held back in their new cloud offerings by a traditional field based sales model, was falling behind digital native competitors. We helped the organization design a next-generation sales model and build a regional inside sales center in 90 days and established a true global demand center marketing team. The company expects this new capability to well over $1 billion in run-rate revenue after the first three years.

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Meet Our Digital Sales Consulting Team

Our digital sales consultants deliver innovative, forward-thinking, customized solutions in next-generation sales strategy. Here are our featured experts on this topic.

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