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Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

TMT companies don’t just look to the future—they define it. We help unleash their full potential, so they can turn possibilities into reality. And advance the world.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) companies deliver the products, infrastructure, and content that empower and enlighten, and that boost resilience and sustainability—across industries, and across society. But they also face important challenges, and thus they need to think boldly, respond quickly, and continuously improve. Our TMT consultants help companies do that, taking a collaborative, fact-based approach to solving business problems. Together, we build a foundation for delivering tangible, positive, and lasting change.

How We Help TMT Companies Continuously Improve

Our experts develop the TMT business models, strategies and capabilities—technical and human—that spark transformation, insight, innovation, and value. They’re supported by a global network of data scientists, digital business leaders, IT experts, and thought leaders in areas such as people and organization, marketing and sales, and pricing. It’s a holistic approach that we apply across TMT.

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Technology Industry

The technology industry is fast-moving and volatile. Even the winners can’t rest on their accomplishments, and reinvention has become as crucial as invention. We help tech companies pioneer new business models, enable change within—and through—their organizations, and sustain performance in a competitive market. But we also help them rediscover, and reenergize, their purpose. So they can create value for shareholders and society alike.

Media Hero

Media Industry

Serving up great content is table stakes in today’s media industry. As consumption patterns and spending shift, we help media companies adapt. That means developing the pricing and customer acquisition strategies that let clients win with subscription-based models. It means leveraging AI and advanced analytics to create personalized experiences. And it means improving operational efficiency, organization design, and customer insight to make a new business model succeed and a successful model even better.

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Telecommunications Industry

Connectivity fuels the new reality—and telecommunications companies have an opportunity to expand deeper into the digital ecosystem. We help clients seize new opportunities—and beat back familiar challenges, such as price pressure and competition from agile digital players—by focusing on seven key enablers: data-driven customer centricity, next-generation B2B, beyond-the-core expansion, network excellence, new ways of working, AI at scale, and simplification and digitization.

Meet Our Technology, Media, and Telecommunications Global Leadership

Our TMT consultants provide expertise across regions and industries. And they are led by a global team of today’s premier thought leaders.

Our Featured Topics in Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

As the TMT industry experiences new shifts and dynamics, challenges—and opportunities—are evolving. We collaborate with clients in a full range of topic areas. Here are just a few:

Our Latest Thinking on Technology, Media, and Telecommunications

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The 2020 TMT Value Creators Report

Many technology, media, and telecommunications (TMT) companies were winners in value creation in the last decade. Can these companies continue to innovate as they expand—reshaping ecosystems that fueled their past success—and can they excite consumers and businesses while grappling with issues of privacy, influence, trust, and regulation?

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Technology, Media, and Telecommunications