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TMT companies have an important—and growing—impact on the world, and many have seen great success in the last decade. But they’re also grappling with issues of privacy, influence, trust, and regulation. Explore our latest thought leadership on today’s key challenges, opportunities, and priorities.

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Media Industry

What’s Possible? GenAI and Media

Generative AI is already impacting consumer media, reshaping the landscape for publishing, broadcasting, movies, music, and gaming. BCG’s Axel Griewel discusses a transformation that's only just begun.

Telecommunications Industry

Bright Spots for Telcos in a Downturn | rectangle

Bright Spots for Telcos in a Downturn

In a rough year for markets, telecom operators held up comparatively well, despite continuing to face some fundamental challenges, while infrastructure companies cooled considerably.

How Tech and Telecom Can Create a Triple Win in Green | Rectangle

How Tech and Telecom Can Create a Triple Win in Green

The information and communications technology (ICT) sector can help its customers reach their sustainability goals by providing the technologies and connectivity needed to improve efficiency, reduce energy use, and raise productivity.

What’s Next for TMT

What's Possible? GenAI and Information Technology

Generative AI can be a formidable tool for IT leaders. But the near-term opportunities depend on your organization's digital maturity, as BCG’s Vlad Lukic explains.

This is How To Counter the Global Digital Divide

Connectivity has become a conduit to information, communication, education, and societal well-being. BCG has teamed up with the WEF and UNDP to help ensure that everyone has access to these benefits.

Web3 Opens New Paths to Customer Loyalty | rectangle

Web3 Opens New Paths to Customer Loyalty

Customer engagement in loyalty programs has been stagnant for years. Web3 supports offerings, like nonfungible tokens (NFTs), that get customers more engaged—and companies creating more revenue.

Technology, Media, and Telecommunications