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Our core belief is that the ethical way is the only way for companies to sustain long-term value and competitive advantage. Explore the latest thought leadership from our risk management and compliance experts for best practices and examples from the field.

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Compliance and Crisis Response

Advanced Risk Analytics

Is Your Company Gaining Momentum in Data?

Is Your Company Gaining Momentum in Data?

Data is increasingly valuable, yet some organizations lack the capabilities to capitalize on it. A key first step is setting realistic ambitions to improve data maturity.

Cybersecurity and Digital Risk

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Managing the Cyber Risks of Remote Work

With millions of office employees suddenly working from home, companies are more exposed to cyber attack than ever before. Take these seven steps now to protect your IT and sensitive data.

Balance Sheet Management

Credit Risk Management

Commodity Market Risk

Comment les négociants traditionnels de matières premières peuvent-ils utiliser les outils numériques pour rester dans la compétition ?

Antti Belt du BCG nous donne quelques informations concernant la manière dont les leaders traditionnels peuvent tenir tête aux nouveaux acteurs numériques qui empiètent sur leur terrain en déterminant comment ils souhaitent affronter la concurrence, quels petits projets numériques lancer et en redimensionnant rapidement leurs meilleurs projets.

Eric Boudier on Commodity Trading and Risk Management

BCG’s Eric Boudier discusses the importance of commodity trading and risk management.

Operational Risk Management

Rethinking the On-Demand Workforce

Digital talent platforms have matured, offering on-demand access to highly skilled workers. Given the talent problem posed by demographic changes, rapid automation, and digital transformation (and intensified by COVID-19), many companies are using digital platforms to hire gig workers with the capabilities they require—but in an ad hoc way. Now they need to get strategic about it.

Climate and ESG Risk Management


Navigating The Tide: Global ESG, Compliance & Risk Report 2021

This report discusses how companies around the world are navigating a rising tide of regulatory and consumer expectations to optimize their compliance target operating models (TOMs). The insights here are based on a global, cross-industry survey of more than 150 companies. The report reveals the maturity of companies' approaches, resource availability and organizational context, as well as current progress on the digitization of key functions.

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ESG Commitments Are Here to Stay

For now, corporate sustainability spending may be curtailed. But investors believe that in the long run, ESG will remain a powerful driver of portfolio performance.

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