BCG at Retail Leadership Summit 2023

For the 8th year in a row, BCG has partnered with the Retailers Association of India for the Retail Leadership Summit. This summit is the biggest knowledge-sharing platform organized by the industry that brought together all the stakeholders for retail and was held on February 22-23 in Mumbai.

The Retail Leadership Summit brought together all the stakeholders of the retail sector for a discussion on emerging trends in the retail sector. Over the years, this summit has become a platform where the biggest and brightest convene to exchange ideas, share business insights, and deliberate on all things retail on a macro-level.

The retail industry is rapidly being transformed by Advanced Analytics and Artificial Intelligence which is revolutionizing the way retailers operate and interact with customers. These technologies are enabling retailers to gain valuable insights, make smarter decisions and improve the overall customer experience that drives overall growth and profitability. The theme for the BCG-RAI report in 2023 is "Leveraging AI and powering retail with analytics" which resonates with BCG's efforts to empower retailers in navigating this transformation, creating sustainable value and building competitive advantage.

Some of BCG’s leading subject matter experts will be joining other industry leaders at the event to discuss how AI and advanced analytics can help retailers in India unlock significant value by driving growth and profitability.

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BCG at Retail Leadership Summit 2023