Center for Health Care Reform and Evolution

Health care policy changes affect everyone. The BCG Center for US Health Care Reform and Evolution serves as a hub for our research and our specialists, with a focus on helping clients prepare for—and make the most of—change.

Changes in US government health care policies affect every part of the system, and at no time is that more evident than during a presidential election year. Regardless of the outcome, but in particular when there is a turnover in administration or party majority, renewed interest arises in health care policy reform. The changes reverberate throughout the sector, rippling through the companies and organizations that provide and pay for health care; the medical technology and life sciences suppliers that build health care equipment, systems, and services; and, ultimately, through society as a whole.

The BCG Center for US Health Care Reform and Evolution (CUHRE) helps clients stay on top of health care policy proposals. Our highly customized analysis helps clients make sense of how changes could impact this complex market. We also provide clear guidance on how best to approach health care reform solutions—identifying the precise actions to take in anticipation of policy changes—based on our clients’ specific circumstances.

Our Solutions in Health Care Reform

BCG’s Center for US Health Care Reform and Evolution is BCG’s hub for perspectives, experts, and client work on US health care reform solutions and scenario planning in health care. The center houses our research and analysis on proposed and expected health care policy changes and their implications for industry stakeholders.

Capabilities include:

  • Scenario-based evaluations of reform implications and policy proposals for all US health care sectors
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of insurance enrollment and mix, industry profit pools, and competitive shifts for industry players
  • Analysis of the second-order implications of potential reforms on consumers and non-health-care sectors, as well as of megatrends affecting the future of US health care

Because health care policy reform encompasses a variety of related topics, CUHRE experts work closely with BCG specialists across the following sectors: health care payers, providers, systems, and services; medical devices and technology; and biopharmaceuticals and life sciences.

CUHRE incorporates analysis from our Center for Customer Insight, which translates our research on consumers into actionable strategies with economic impact. BCG health care policy consultants also collaborate with BCG X on projects that involve advanced analytics and AI, and with BCG’s Advanced Capabilities Center, whose knowledge experts, data, and research services support our client work.

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