Steel and Metals

It’s a mistake to believe that steel demand is unlimited, or that meeting future demand cost-effectively will be easy.

Emerging markets and the largest economies in the world share a common trait—a demand for steel. Anywhere buildings are constructed, roads are built, or food is packaged, steel is and will remain one of society’s fundamental building blocks.

But substantial challenges loom for today’s steel and metal producers. Cyclical demand is being driven by a shifting array of macroeconomic factors. To cope with cyclical demand, steel and metals companies need to be flexible.

The steel industry today is wrestling with overcapacity. The boom years of the past won’t come back, and the level of demand growth is back to normal.

But each phase of the steel production and delivery process provides opportunity for smart companies with the right expertise to gain competitive advantage. With accurate demand modeling, forward-looking producers can drive growth by improving the value chain from raw materials to distribution and by crafting new commercial and strategic initiatives.  

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