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To create value and spur growth, retail companies must digitize their operations and take a customer-centric approach to transformation. Explore BCG’s latest thought leadership on today’s retail industry trends to help plan your company's future.

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The Future of Retail

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Winning Formulas for E-Commerce Growth

E-commerce dynamics are changing. Our global survey reveals the approaches differentiating retail and consumer packaged goods winners and laggards in today’s increasingly competitive environment.

The Old Rules of Retail Are Gone

The future of retail requires building local ecosystems to reach customers where they live and work. We call it winning the town.

BCG on Consumer LI Showcase

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Retailers today must optimize performance, tap into new opportunities and transform to meet consumers demands. Follow BCG on Consumer on LinkedIn for the latest industry insights and news.

Advanced Analytics, AI, and Digital

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What to Look for in an AI System

The technology is just a tool. Don't disregard the data, talent, and experimentation that constantly activate and inform the intelligence behind the system.

Amplify Your Warehouse Automation ROI

Understanding every warehouse archetype, developing critical use cases, and improving existing ROI before the work begins are key to warehouse automation success.

Fashion Industry

Outfitting the Fashion Industry for Generative AI and Sustainability

Craig Brommers, American Eagle's chief marketing officer, discusses how brands can sustain real, authentic creative qualities and continue to pursue sustainability.

Gen Z at the Intersection of Fashion and Technology

Technology is intersecting with fashion today in never-before-seen ways. PacSun CEO Brieane Olson drills down into how Gen-Zers are combining the two to creatively express themselves.

Luxury Goods

Luxury in the Spotlight

BCG’s Sarah Willersdorf offers insights on the future of luxury, exploring the importance of inspiration, quality, and creativity in the wake of generative AI and other technologies.

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BCG Executive Perspectives

BCG Executive Perspectives offer insights on global topics that matter most to leaders in the public and private sectors. Explore these topics and read the latest thinking from BCG’s experts.

Transformation, Growth, & Value Creators

The Consumer Sentiment Series Rectangle

The Consumer Sentiment Series

Emerging from the isolation of the past 15 months, US consumers express optimism—some cautiously and others confidently—about resuming their pre-pandemic activities.

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