BCG's Shipping Benchmark Initiative

As a shipping company executive, you have a lot of questions: “How competitive are my company’s operations? How does our current cost structure stack up in the industry? What are our best bets for attaining a competitive advantage?” Participating in one or all of the 6 benchmarks in BCG’s Shipping Benchmark Initiative will help you uncover the answers.

BCG’s Shipping Benchmark Initiative (SBI), as the video details, draws on data submitted by leading global shipping companies to capture the performance of more than 3,000 of the world’s commercial vessels. With insights drawn from this data, you can compare your company’s costs and performance with those of the rest of your industry.


Why Participate in SBI?

Participating in one or all the 6 benchmarks in BCG’s Shipping Benchmark Initiative reveals where you lead, where you lag, and where opportunities lie—from vessel operating expenditures to organizational efficiency.

Improve Your Company’s Competitiveness

When used individually or in concert, the six benchmarks within SBI deliver an in-depth review of your cost performance relative to comparable benchmarking participants and self-selected peers. 

SBI measures 21 cost categories, as well as quality metrics that span vessel classes, age groups, trading areas, and other critical categories. SBI taps real market data to identify potential savings in each cost category and vessel class. Intrafleet benchmarkting makes it possible to identify any unusual cost deviations.

Learn Best Practices in the Shipping Industry

Staffing, crew management, procurement, and technical efficiency are essential to securing competitive advantage. By participating in SBI, you are able to compare management practices on various KPIs against those of other participants and peer companies.

Keep Up with the Latest Trends in the Industry

BCG draws on the SBI database to identify cost trends as well as correlations across cost and quality—and we share the deep knowledge we gain from our analyses. 

Receive regular briefings from BCG experts on the industry’s latest trends and news, including preliminary suggestions on how to meet emergent challenges.

Educate Your Stakeholders about Your Value

It’s easier to prove your value when you can prove your worth with SBI’s OPEX and quality metrics. The objectivity and precision of BCG’s independent evaluation will speak volumes.

SBI Leadership

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