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Instead of embarking on a massive multiyear IT transformation, companies can build a data and digital platform that delivers three to five times the value in half the time and at half the cost. By implementing BCG’s data and digital platform, companies can enable new digital services and upgrade their core IT, both of which are critical to the success of a digital transformation.

A digital transformation is a journey—and a prerequisite to modernizing IT. But that doesn’t mean you need to revamp your entire IT architecture to generate meaningful value. There’s a smarter way.

Digital Transformation, Demystified

Too many digital transformation programs don't deliver the hoped-for strategic value—especially stronger resilience amid relentless disruption. To beat those odds, companies must view their technology through a decidedly different lens. Here's how.

Data and Digital Platform: Double Your Digital Transformation Power

Now is the time to let go of common assumptions around digital transformation. Replace these five common myths to unlock value from your digital transformation.

From Legacy Technology to Our Digital Platform

At BCG, we believe that a successful digital transformation requires decoupling the data layer from legacy IT so that companies aren’t forced to modernize their enterprise resource planning systems all at once—an expensive, time-consuming, and risky proposition. Companies that implement data and digital platforms—separating the data layer from legacy IT—can scale up new digital services faster, while upgrading their core IT.

It has only recently become feasible to build the digital platform and smart business layers separately from the existing core, thanks to multiple advances in SaaS, PaaS, cloud offerings, low code platforms, and the open source community.

What Is a Digital Platform?

Example of a Decoupled Architecture


We bring unique capabilities and deep expertise to data and digital platform strategy and development. We count IT architects, data integration and migration experts, and technology and cloud specialists among our data and digital platform consultants. These experts address:

  • Digital design and engineering, including prototype implementation, platform build-out, architecture solution
  • UX and strategic design
  • IT risk management, including post-merger integrations
  • Agile and DevOps approaches
  • Client enablement, client visits, and demos

We work with clients on:

I nostri esperti in ERP aiutano i clienti ad abbandonare le piattaforme ERP legacy e a costruire sistemi di dati e digitali di nuova generazione.

Le valutazioni sulla maturità digitale proprietaria di BCG consentono alle aziende di confrontarsi con i loro competitor e di sviluppare una solida strategia di piattaforma dati e digitale.

  • BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index enables companies to conduct a
  • L’indice di accelerazione digitale di BCG consente alle aziende di effettuare una valutazione rapida, obiettiva ed esterna della loro attuale maturità digitale rispetto ai colleghi.
  • L’indagine sulla maturità delle competenze di gestione dei dati di BCG valuta sette competenze per aiutare le aziende a progettare migliori strategie digitali e a competere in modo più efficace come organizzazioni basate sui dati.
  • La rapida valutazione dell'architettura della piattaforma dati e digitale da parte di BCG offre un esercizio ad alto impatto, della durata di due settimane, per identificare le lacune tecnologiche che devono essere colmate per raggiungere l'eccellenza della piattaforma dati e digitale.
  • La valutazione della maturità della Data Governance di BCG informa le azioni e le priorità per l'ulteriore maturità delle capacità di Data Governance.
  • La società specializzata di BCG, BCG GAMMA , applica l'intelligenza artificiale e sistemi di analisi avanzata ai modelli aziendali.

Our Work with Clients on Data and Digital Platforms

We have helped many of our clients build and realize the benefits of digital platforms as part of their digital transformations. Examples include:

Incontra il nostro team di consulenza per le piattaforme dati e digitale

I nostri consulenti ed esperti di piattaforme dati e digitali aiutano i clienti a creare le basi per una trasformazione digitale di successo. Ecco alcuni dei nostri esperti sull'argomento.

Learn More About Digital Platforms

Data Dominates

With powerful algorithms becoming table stakes, finding and gathering the right data to feed those engines will be the key to a company’s success.

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