BCG Life

BCG’s first Italian office opened in Milan in 1986 followed by the office in Rome opened in 2001. Today, BCG in Italy counts among its clients major Italian and international companies from all industries. At BCG in Italy, we work with the best talents within a lively, participatory, and pragmatic environment.

Work and Culture

Situated in the heart of the city, in front of the Duomo, our new office in Milan represents a small comfort and innovation jewel: seven floors high, around 6,000-square-meters of offices, and two fantastic terraces.

The beauty and modernity of the structure were achieved through the use of cutting-edge restoration materials (Gold LEED certification).

The most revolutionary concept, though, is the integration of well-being into the environment, creating a welcoming, comfortable, yet technologically advanced and functional place.

Our long-lasting success is a result of the fact that we never provide standard solutions. We believe that our clients can improve upon and maintain their competitive advantage only through tailored proposals. With each of our clients, we aim to develop ideas and innovative strategies, fostering companies to embrace change and bring real and sustainable value.

Since its start in 1986, BCG in Italy always had a growing role within the business community. In 2008, our revenues had tripled in only three years.

The clients of BCG in Italy include major Italian and international companies. We attract the best talents from different industries to achieve transformative results and change the way companies leverage their competitive advantage.

Who We Work With

We work with some of the most innovative companies worldwide; many of them are ranked among the top 500 in the world, but the list includes smaller companies, nonprofit organizations, and government agencies. We maintain long-lasting relationships with the majority of our clients by guaranteeing the continuous pursuit of competitive advantage and excellent performance.

Every action and project is customized according to the client's need, with the aim of carrying out important changes as well as growth in the competitive position of our clients.

BCG in Italy