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The North America Center for Inclusion and Equity

BCG’s North America Center for Inclusion and Equity partners with organizations to help build inclusive cultures, deliver social impact, create business value, and drive systemic change.



When companies launch initiatives around inclusion and equity, they tend to focus on two primary goals: building an inclusive internal culture and investing in philanthropic initiatives. Although these goals are critically important, we encourage organizations to take an even more holistic approach. Inclusion and equity, when embedded in an organization’s strategy, can create extraordinary business value and societal impact.

The North America Center for Inclusion and Equity is committed to driving measurable change for various racial, ethnic, and cultural groups, including Black and Indigenous people, people of color, women, the LGBTQ community, military service members and veterans, and people with disabilities.

Our Approach to Inclusion and Equity

To drive more inclusive and equitable practices, organizations must look at all of their core strategies, processes, and products—everything that requires deep industry and functional expertise. For example, creating more equitable financial products may call for more robust data capabilities or a new approach to risk management. The North America Center for Inclusion and Equity (CIE) brings together more than 250 diversity, equity, and inclusion experts covering the full range of industries—across all core business functions—to ensure that our clients’ business strategy, practices, and partners embed inclusion and equity, support inclusive teaming and culture, and provide resources for social impact. We help companies eliminate systemic bias, spark broader social change, and create competitive advantage.

Business Strategy, Practices, and Partners

Resources for Social Impact

Inclusive Teaming and Culture

Examples of Our Impact in Inclusion and Equity

The North America CIE partners with leading organizations within the business community to deliver systemic change and advance inclusion and equity in society. Selected partnerships include:


The Southern Communities Initiative (SCI) —is a consortium of companies tackling various endemic problems facing communities of color in the South, where almost 50% of all Black Americans live.


Our Insights on Inclusion and Equity

Meet Our Inclusion and Equity Consulting Team

Our inclusion and equity consulting team in North America works with organizations in the public, private, and social sector to drive systemic change. Meet some of our Center for Inclusion and Equity team.

North America CIE Awards

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BCG North America DEI Alumni Award

The North America Center for Inclusion and Equity recognizes our alumni working to advance DEI. Winners have each been awarded $10,000, which they are donating to eligible organizations of their choosing.

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