Health Care

Leapfrogging to a Digital Healthcare System Re-imagining Healthcare for Every Indian

Abheek Singhi Abhishek Gopalka Aena Goel Bart Janssens Nikhil Bhaskar Pranay Boobna

In this joint publication by FICCI and BCG, we have explored how the healthcare delivery transformation can be achieved through the creation of an “open digital health ecosystem” or a health ODE. Such an ecosystem is defined as an open and secure digital health platform that can be leveraged by all entities, public and private, to unlock transformative health delivery solutions. We believe that this ecosystem will fundamentally change the way in which healthcare is delivered today and unlock significant incremental economic opportunities for all the stakeholders in the healthcare ecosystem. Additionally, it will accelerate India’s journey towards universal health coverage by creating a healthcare system that puts the patient at the center of all solutions and incorporates healthcare access and affordability to all.

The advent of open digital health ecosystem in India will change the rules of the game for all healthcare stakeholders to win in the new era. It calls for all stakeholders to embrace themselves for a new beginning – and update their strategies and models to stay ahead of the curve.