Nossas Perspectivas Mais Recentes sobre Propósito Comercial e Organizacional

A liderança de ideias do BrightHouse do BCG sobre propósito comercial e organizacional pode ajudá-lo a entender o poder do propósito e como desbloqueá-lo.

Insights em destaque

People Strategy hero

Our Latest Thinking on People Strategy

Companies must reenvision leadership development, talent development, and reskilling and upskilling strategies.

Unlocking the Power of Purpose

How Purpose Can Empower Those in Public Service

How Purpose Can Empower Those in Public Service

New agency leaders who connect the work their people do with the impact it has on citizens’ lives can motivate their employees, drive progress on critical priorities—and boost overall organizational performance.


Getting Uncomfortable on Purpose

If your discussion of purpose focuses on describing, rather than disrupting, what your company does, it’s probably not adding much value.

Business and Organizational Purpose