Sales Force Effectiveness

Getting Full Value from Sales Channels

By Axel ReinaudNicole Mönter, and Patrick Desmarès

The European Financial Marketing Association ( and The Boston Consulting Group conducted a joint study aimed at exploring the state of the art in sales force effectiveness in the European banking industry. The study included an online survey involving more than 120 participants from 90 European banks, a series of conferences and webinars with a specialized group of European bankers, and detailed, ongoing discussions with senior European banking executives.

“Sales Force Effectiveness: Getting Full Value from Sales Channels,” a report based on this study, presents a highly up-to-date view of best practices in sales force effectiveness in European banking. The report also leverages BCG’s framework on the topic and its best-practice database. The goal is to provide readers with a clear understanding of how the best banks in Europe have raised the bar in sales force effectiveness.