Digital Sales Market Insights Series

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Digital Sales Market Insights

More Digital, Less Travel

The recent shift to remote and virtual sales showed companies how much they could accomplish without being onsite with clients. As a result, inside sales has become a critical priority. This survey-based infographic shows how inside sales teams implement and use technology.

• Most organizations understand the critical role of technology.

• But many are not using tech tools to develop a competitive edge.

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At many companies, the inside sales function—which, unlike field sales teams, does not travel to customer sites—has historically been limited in what it can do. In the past, inside sales teams typically handled low-value customers and transactions and supported field reps. But the recent shift to remote and virtual sales in response to the pandemic showed companies how much they could accomplish without being onsite with clients. As a result, inside sales has become a critical priority for the foreseeable future. What’s more, companies are learning that inside sales can be a far more efficient way of selling—with no travel costs and the ability to move quickly to capture opportunities identified through data-driven analytics.

To explore the opportunity that digitally empowered inside sales teams represent, BCG has partnered with the American Association of Inside Sales Professionals (AA-ISP) on a series of surveys through 2021. Each month, we will survey sales executives from Fortune 500 companies on a range of topics and publish our results. The goal is to better understand the trends and industry shifts that are altering the sales function—and specifically how companies can reposition inside sales teams to capitalize on these shifts.

Volume 7

The Relationship Between Digital Marketing and Sales
Companies can take several concrete steps to more fully integrate their marketing and sales functions.

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Volume 6

Compensation and Incentives
Companies that tie compensation and bonus policies to historical performance are missing a chance to reinforce and reward the most valuable sales team behaviors.

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Volume 5

The State of CRM Solutions
To improve their CRM systems, companies need to generate a 360-degree view of their customers, upgrade systematically, and embrace AI and advanced analytics.

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Volume 4

The State of Technology for Inside Sales Functions
Most companies would benefit from a systematic but less centralized approach to acquiring and assessing new apps and other technology.

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Volume 3

Improving the Talent Mix for Inside Sales
A year into the pandemic, remote sales is proving its value in a transformed marketplace. But its success means that companies must compete more effectively to hire and retain top talent.

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Volume 2

Inside Sales Organizational Strategy and Structure
Revenue from inside sales teams will likely grow in the next few years, even as revenue from field sales units declines. Leading companies are adjusting their organizational structure to capitalize.

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Volume 1

Inside Sales Covid Response
Our first survey of inside sales leaders looks at how companies have responded to the challenges of COVID-19. The biggest? Maintaining employee morale and motivation.

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Digital Sales Market Insights