Shaping the Future of Indian Media & Entertainment

Kanchan Samtani Mandeep Kohli Vishal Jalan Saumya Sen Mallikarjun Vaddi

Over the years, the Media & Entertainment industry has seen rapid shifts in consumer behaviors. The pandemic fueled many emerging consumer trends from accelerating digital consumption to rise of interactivity. Some of these emerging trends will have long term implications for the industry. Within the M&E sector attractive opportunities exist in several parts of the media segment. OTT sphere has exploded with strong subscription growth and increased investments in content. On the back of rising interest in interactivity, Gaming continues to show promising growth. Going forward, it will be critical to understand the imperatives that will need to be acted upon to seize these opportunities.

The M&E industry is at the forefront of many disruptions – Metaverse being one such not 'virtual' but 'real' disruption. While still in the nascent stages, media companies and content creators are already pushing towards providing more interactive and immersive experiences to viewers.

With this context, BCG has partnered with Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) to release a report, which throws light on the outlook of the industry, shifts in revenue pool and key consumer trends. It takes a closer look at the future of interactive media and not just the virtual but real opportunity unlock with the adoption of Metaverse.