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Since 2017, the BCG Henderson Institute has partnered with Fortune to publish the Future 50, a ranking of the companies with the greatest long-term growth prospects. The index is based on our proprietary measure of vitality, which combines a top-down, market-driven assessment of a company’s potential with a bottom-up analysis of its capacity to deliver growth.

The index has a strong track record, with all Future 50 cohorts outperforming the market on growth since their respective publication dates.

The 2023 Future 50 companies show that despite near-term economic and geopolitical turbulences, the dominant patterns of long-term growth potential remain relatively stable. Technology companies continue to dominate the index: Enterprise cloud, data warehousing, and cybersecurity players—all of whom are enabling the AI revolution—as well as green and clean tech manufacturers have a particularly strong presence. Geographically, North America and China remain the dominant locations to nurture vital business, while Europe lags behind.

To learn more about the 2023 Future 50 index, please read our article on Fortune’s website or in the December 2023/January 2024 issue of Fortune magazine.

The authors thank Magdalena Krupa, Lina Cabarique, Santiago Neira, and Edmund Cheungdata scientists at BCG X, for their important contributions to this work.

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