Electric Vehicles: Future of Last-Mile Deliveries in India

Vikram Janakiraman Natarajan Sankar Aditya Khandelia Aditi Tiwari

Electric vehicles (EVs) are fast emerging as the vehicle of choice across multiple applications. In particular, the organized last-mile delivery space is playing a pivotal role in driving EV adoption in India, as evident from the multiple 'Proof of Concepts' (POCs) being carried out and ambitious fleet electrification commitments by key players in food, grocery and e-commerce delivery. In order to better understand the market opportunity for EVs, BCG conducted a comprehensive study that discusses the reasons EVs are becoming increasingly popular in organized last-mile delivery, the market dynamics that are shifting, and how key players in the EV ecosystem can take advantage of this shift.

Further, the BCG report provides insight into changes in market dynamics, particularly ownership patterns and operating models, due to fleet electrification, and lays out clear implications for industry.