CXM’s Coming of Age: “Skin in the Game” Taking Center Stage

Vikash Jain Rajesh Subramaniam

The pace of change in the last 4-6 quarters has been unprecedented. The significant muting down of the V-shaped recovery in the aftermath of the pandemic, the onset of the funding winter, the crippling impact of the looming near-global financial crisis and the digital disruptions unlocked by AI advancements – the world has seen it all and yet, it is only the beginning. In this grand schema of meta changes, the one thing that hasn’t changed at all and in fact, taken even more precedence is the unflinching and relentless focus on customer. The ability to acquire, engage, retain and monetize the customer over the lifetime is still top of mind for firms, and rightfully so. However, across sectors, the conversations on Customer Experience Management (CXM), especially delivered those by service providers, have rather abruptly moved towards demonstrating “skin in the game” and are no longer focused on operational improvements. Be it driving revenue upside or impacting cost to serve customers, service providers who are able to demonstrate uplift on outcomes and willing to sign up to aggressive value-linked commercial models, are the ones who will be able to mitigate any type of consolidation risk. In fact, might even be well poised to displace incumbents and gain share of wallet.

In this joint publication, ResultsCX and BCG explore what it takes CXM service providers to get a seat at the table and stay relevant in this ever-changing environment.