Lean Scaling: A SaaS Founder’s Handbook

Shaleen Sinha Sreyssha George Sambhav Jain Akash Bhatia Pranay Ahlawat Shekhar Kirani Rachit Parekh Rishika Garg Sankalpana Agarwal

Over the last 15 years, India has witnessed a remarkable surge in the number of SaaS companies, surpassing 10,000 and still growing as cloud-based solutions become increasingly prevalent. With over ten companies achieving a remarkable USD 100M+ in Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) and an additional 50+ companies achieving USD 20M+ ARR, India's SaaS industry is a testament to innovation. However, the next hurdle that confronts India SaaS is how to scale efficiently. To address this, Accel and BCG have partnered to launch Lean Scaling: A SaaS Founder's Handbook.

With actionable insights and best practices from 15+ of India's largest SaaS companies such as Amagi, Eka, Chargebee, Whatfix, Zenoti, and more, this handbook aims to be a resource for ambitious founders and operators looking to achieve efficient growth. Within the pages of "Lean Scaling," SaaS entrepreneurs will find insights across four pillars: sales and marketing, pricing strategies, channel partnerships, and product and engineering excellence.