Reimagining Nursing And Allied Healthcare In India

Priyanka Aggarwal Kshitij Vijayvargiya Siddharth Jain Himanshu Aggarwal

GAPIO: Dr. Anupam Sibal and Dr. Anil Tandon

Nurses and Allied Health workers are a key part of healthcare delivery. India is struggling with an acute shortage of these skills. While many policy steps are taken towards strengthening the capacity, action on the ground has thus far been limited. There is a need to accelerate action – towards both improving the education and training infrastructure as well as making these professions more lucrative for the participants. These papers published in a joint effort by BCG in association with Global Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (GAPIO), explore solution themes towards these supply and demand side levers.

Reimagining Nurses’ role in India
Formalizing Allied Healthcare Workforce in India