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Технологии коренным образом трансформируют банки, управляющих активами и wealth management компании и другие финансовые учреждения. Появление подрывных цифровых технологий, какие бы сложности оно ни представляло для бизнеса, может открыть перед вами новые возможности. Вопрос лишь в том, как эффективнее всего воспользоваться ими. Ознакомьтесь с последними публикациями BCG по финансовому сектору и узнайте, что думают наши эксперты.


Get Ready for the Future of Money

As digital currencies move from the sandbox to the high street, their impact will be profound. So will the first-mover advantage. Leaders must prepare now.

COVID-19 and the New Leadership Agenda

The COVID-19 outbreak underscores the need to be resilient in the face of transformative global risk.

Global Payments 2019: Tapping into Pockets of Growth

Global Payments 2019: Tapping into Pockets of Growth

Although the payments space will enjoy steady growth overall, the outlook for individual players is less assured. As competition intensifies, success will hinge on digitization, scale, and fast-expanding markets.

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Managing the Next Decade of Women’s Wealth

Managing the Next Decade of Women’s Wealth

For too long, wealth managers have looked at the women’s segment through a marketing lens. But women don’t want pink products. They want individualized service. Advisors that fail to adapt will miss out on a $93 trillion opportunity.

Reinventing Corporate and Investment Banks

Reinventing Corporate and Investment Banks

CIBs that take action in six critical areas can dramatically improve their cost-to-income ratios and returns on equity, creating a more prosperous and sustainable future.

Transaction Banking - How Cashless Payments Help Economies Grow

How Cashless Payments Help Economies Grow

Because digital solutions make it easier to send and receive money, they boost economic activity. Policymakers and companies should take steps now to accelerate adoption.

Global Payments: The Interactive Edition

An Interactive Guide to Global Payments

The world of transaction banking and payments is being transformed. At stake are $1 trillion in new global revenues by 2027. Explore this interactive to learn how the market will evolve.

Investors’ Focus on ESG Is Likely to Weather the Crisis

ESG Commitments Are Here to Stay

For now, corporate sustainability spending may be curtailed. But investors believe that in the long run, ESG will remain a powerful driver of portfolio performance.

Expert Interviews

The Role of Microcredit in the Age of COVID-19

The Role of Microcredit in the Age of COVID-19

Alfa-Bank’s Michael Tuch on Transforming Customer Journeys

The Digital Metamorphoses in China

New Ways of Working in Banking

Tjun Tang on Digital Finance in China

Transforming Retail Banks for the Digital Age

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