Unlocking the INR 100 Trillion Opportunity

Alpesh Shah Amit Kumar Ashish Garg Siddhant Mehta

Globally, the asset management industry plays a seminal role in the financial services industry, acting as a means to channel investor capital into the country’s growth machinery. The Indian asset management industry has acquired rising importance in the country’s financial services markets over the past decade. It has delivered substantial pace of growth and amassed more than INR 24 trillion in assets under management (AuM) as of June 2019, propelling India to be 17th largest asset management industry in the world basis AuM, up from being 22nd largest in 2008.

The industry has the potential to cross INR 100 trillion in AuM in the twenties. Reaching the INR 100 trillion vision during the mid-twenties can help the industry become the 11-13th largest asset management industry in the world from its current standing of 17th largest asset management industry. Our estimates indicate that achieving this growth will require a 5x increase in the investor base from 2 crore to 10 crore investors.