We Do Solar

We Do Solar helps renters and owners cut their energy bills and reduce their CO2 footprint by offering well-designed, user-friendly, vertical solar panel sets—that can also be used as privacy screens on balcony railings.

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Founded in 2021, We Do Solar is a startup on a mission to help achieve climate neutrality and make solar energy available to all.


Validate market sizing and business case. Refine product vision and roadmap. Accelerate implementation of digital features through better product discovery, purchasing, and self-serve installation.

Strategic Value

Validating market sizing and evaluating growth opportunities helped We Do Solar strategically strengthen their pitch deck story.

Type of Venture and Sprint

Acceleration: digital product features
Validation: business case and long-term roadmap

We Do Solar was the sole winner of our 2022 Social Ventures Program. We Do Solar offers integrated hardware and software solutions, allowing people to deploy vertical solar panels for electricity generation. Currently available in Germany, and targeted at people with railed balconies, We Do Solar’s solution can help customers save up to 25% on their electricity bill.

How it works

Start with a balcony

You can install We Do Solar’s ultra-lightweight solar set by yourself with the help of special weatherproof straps.

Plug it in

Simply plug the solar set into your power socket on the balcony.

Power all your home appliances

Anytime it's sunny, your household devices will consume solar power first.
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Traction and Results

  • Won multiple awards (including Make It Matter, BCG X’s Social Impact Award)
  • Published in over 100 publications, including Forbes, EU Startups, Tech Crunch, and Fast Company
  • Stabilized supply chain operations by automating all processes
  • Started distribution in 24 EU countries
  • Secured multiple financing partners, including a six-digit investment to grow the team and expand distribution
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