早在“企业初心”成为流行词之前,BCG 旗下的领先的 BrightHouse 就率先开展了围绕“企业初心”的咨询。帮助企业发掘初心的力量 是什么 驱动着企业的业务——帮助企业转化生产力和盈利能力

Defining your business purpose is not a creative-writing exercise. And senior leaders cannot craft your organizational purpose at a meeting or purchase it from an agency. We know this because, for a quarter of a century, companies have been turning to us when such efforts fail to deliver better performance.

At BrightHouse, which was founded in 1995 and acquired by BCG in 2015, we work with companies like yours to excavate true business purpose. And then we help to fully activate and embed that purpose throughout your organization.

Why Does Purpose Matter?

Embracing corporate purpose isn’t about virtue signaling or following the latest business trends. It’s about enhancing the performance of your top and bottom lines by unlocking growth and profits; attracting, retaining, and energizing employees; achieving social impact; and inspiring customers. Consider the profound impact of purpose:

What Is the Purpose of Business?



What is Purpose Infographic

BCG BrightHouse 可以为企业初心做些什么?

自我们开创商业初心咨询以来,历经多年发展,这一领域的咨询企业早已数不胜数。但 BCG BrightHouse 在观点和方法上依然独具特色。




Many of our clients seek to define their business purpose to gain organizational clarity, alignment, and meaning at a critical moment in their development. Some are navigating large-scale transformation. Others are facing, or are in the midst of, changes in leadership. Still others are at an inflection point in their organization’s trajectory, seeking to turn around or accelerate their business.

To help you find your organizational purpose, we look beyond what you make or sell. We unearth human insights that get to the core of what you bring to the world. And we open the aperture so that you view your business and opportunities through a much wider lens.

Purpose must then be activated and embedded across the organization—in people and culture, strategy and operations, and branding and communications. Only after implementing purpose throughout your entire organization will your company realize the full impact on its performance.

How Does BCG BrightHouse Help You Excavate and Live Your Business Purpose?

We bring business purpose to life in four stages.

Beyond Business Purpose with BCG BrightHouse

Given that BrightHouse is known in the field as the home of purpose, we of course view purpose as an integral element in all our client collaborations. But we bring the same level of creativity, inspiration, and rigor to a broad range of related capabilities, helping companies formulate and implement:

  • Mission and vision
  • Brand purpose
  • Bold commitments in social impact
  • Change narratives
  • Employer value propositions
  • Marketing messages
  • Business innovations



BCG BrightHouse 不仅与各个行业的全球企业合作,同时也与当地组织和非营利组织开展合作,帮助确定企业初心和提升业绩。我们的咨询案列见下方所示;更多精彩案列 请访问我们的网站.



How to Harness the Power of Purpose

Purpose has the power to transform organizations, inspiring employees and boosting productivity and performance. Find out how you can help bring your company's purpose to life.

How Purpose Can Empower Those in Public Service

New agency leaders who connect the work their people do with the impact it has on citizens’ lives can motivate their employees, drive progress on critical priorities—and boost overall organizational performance.

Getting Uncomfortable on Purpose

If your discussion of purpose focuses on describing, rather than disrupting, what your company does, it’s probably not adding much value.

Institutional Investors Discover the Power of Purpose

Rather than dedicate a small slice of investments to social responsibility, some firms build purpose into their entire strategy, generating greater societal good—and higher financial returns—in the process.

Business and Organizational Purpose