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公司可以建立一个数据和数字化平台,以一半的时间和一半的成本提供三到五倍的价值,而不是着手进行持续多年的大规模 IT 转型。通过搭建 BCG 的数据和数字化平台,企业可以提供新的数字化服务,并升级其核心 IT,而这两者都是成功的数字化转型的关键。

A digital transformation is a journey—and a prerequisite to modernizing IT. But that doesn’t mean you need to revamp your entire IT architecture to generate meaningful value. There’s a smarter way.


在 BCG,我们认为,成功的数字化转型需要将数据层从传统的IT中剥离,企业就不会被迫一次性对其企业资源规划系统进行现代化改造——因为这是一项成本高昂、耗时且有风险的提议。实现数据和数字化平台(将数据层与传统 IT 分离)的公司可以更快地扩展新的数字服务,同时升级其核心 IT。

直到最近,在现有核心之外构建数据平台和智能业务层才变得可行,这得益于 SaaS、PaaS、云服务、低代码平台和开源社区的多项进步。



我们为数据和数字化平台开发带来独特的能力和深厚的专业知识。我们的数据和数字化平台顾问中包括 IT 架构师、数据集成和迁移专家、技术和云专家。这些专家能处理:

  • 数字化设计和工程,包括原型实施、平台搭建、架构解决方案
  • 用户体验/战略设计
  • IT 风险管理,包括 并购后整合
  • 敏捷 以及 开发运营 方法
  • 客户支持、客户访问和演示


Our ERP experts help clients migrate away from legacy ERP platforms—and build next-generation data and digital systems.

BCG’s proprietary digital maturity assessments enable companies to benchmark against peers and develop a rock-solid data and digital platform strategy.

  • BCG’s Digital Acceleration Index enables companies to conduct a quick, objective, outside-in assessment of their current digital maturity compared with peers.
  • BCG’s data capability maturity survey assesses seven data capabilities to help companies design better digital strategies and compete more effectively as data-driven organizations.
  • BCG’s rapid assessment of data and digital platform architecture offers a high-impact, two-week exercise to identify technology gaps that must be addressed to achieve data and digital platform excellence.
  • BCG’s data governance maturity assessment informs actions and priorities to further mature data governance capabilities.
  • BCG’s specialty business BCG GAMMA applies artificial intelligence and advanced analytics to business.


We have helped many of our clients build and realize the benefits of digital platforms as part of their digital transformations. Examples include:

Renault Rewires Itself for the Digital Era

The automaker underwent a massive digital transformation to compete with more-agile newcomers.


Our data and digital platform consultants and industry experts help clients create the foundation for a successful digital transformation. Here are some of our experts on the topic.

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