全球新冠疫情加速了零售业向未来的转变,数字化投资对于满足消费者的新需求和抵御新的竞争对手方面将变得愈发重要。BCG 能帮助世界领先的零售商制定和交付正确的数字、分析和技术战略,以在这个不断变化的环境中蓬勃发展。


Many retail companies are rich in data but have yet to harness it as a real driver of the business. Now, nothing less will do. BCG helps retailers prioritize digital efforts as part of an adaptable retail strategy that is more responsive to customer needs than ever before. BCG also guides retailers looking to create and fund new sources of growth—whether through a digital product, an internal or startup venture, or mergers and acquisitions.

How BCG Helps Clients Adapt Quickly to the New Reality

Our retail consulting teams are composed of retail industry experts with skill sets that span the entire digital space, supported by proprietary platforms and solutions from our specialty businesses BCG Gamma and BCG Omnia. As consumer behavior continues to shift rapidly and abruptly in our pandemic-changed world, our work focuses on improving the commercial proposition, formats, and omnichannel and operations capabilities needed to deliver on retail strategy.




The Future of Retail - Omnichannel

Giving the customer infinite pathways, omnichannel is the new frontier in shopping. This first video in BCG’s series on the future of retail takes us to China to learn how customers and retailers both benefit.

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