Rail operators that can redefine their role as a low-carbon solution can win new business from environmentally conscious travelers, shippers, and governments.

重新定义低碳解决方案角色的铁路运营商可以从 有环保意识的旅客 运输商和政府那里获得新的业务。

与此同时,数字化可以帮助铁路运营商提高准点率,与乘客和托运人建立更好的联系,与此同时,高级分析 可以发现他们所服务的运输价值链的不同位置和部分的新机会。

How Rail Operators Can Compete in a World of Digitalized Mobility

Today’s automated rail systems present new challenges and opportunities. To succeed in this transformed landscape, operators must take these four steps now—plus forge new partnerships to strengthen their digital capabilities, explains BCG’s Henning Schierholz.

Delivering Digital Transformation to the Rail Industry

BCG 的铁路运营咨询团队与城市交通、客运铁路、铁路货运、铁路基础设施、铁路维护和铁路技术公司合作。


Mobility Platforms and New Solutions

Online platforms and apps are shaking up markets by offering end-to-end transparency across different types of transportation and logistics services. As a leading railroad consulting firm, we prepare rail operators to seize the opportunities offered by multimodal offerings—and to develop and deploy digital platforms of their own. In addition, we guide rail freight operators in adapting new digital solutions and in positioning their companies strategically in a rapidly changing value chain for transportation and logistics.

Big Data and the Internet of Things

We deploy advanced analytics to help rail industry clients identify routes with potential capacity and optimize yield. We also tap big data and predictive analytics to more easily reduce asset downtime and automate route and maintenance planning in rail infrastructure as well as passenger transport.

New Sharing Alternatives

Evolving modes of transport are reshaping markets around the world. We help rail transport companies collaborate with road and air services, including the emerging networks of autonomous vehicles, ridesharing, and bike sharing.

BCG 在铁路领域的专家顾问

Center for Digital in Transportation

We partner with rail operators to deploy digital levers, including digital platforms, predictive analytics, advanced monitoring, and automation of operations.

Center for Mobility Innovation

Through this center, we help clients address shared challenges, such as congestion, pollution, and the development of new technologies. We help clients connect with the right stakeholders at each stage of the value chain to take new ideas from the drawing board to the street.


BCG 的最新洞察


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To build upon their recent efficiency gains, railroads need an expanded set of management principles.

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Digital Maintenance Can Unlock Growth in Rail

These technologies promise to slash expenses, improve reliability, and increase the utilization of capital-intensive rolling stock.