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BCG’s Transportation and Logistics Market Insight Tool

By providing a complete picture of the industry, including forecasts and trends, we enable shipping logistics companies to assess their relative performance and make critical operational choices.

The transportation and logistics industry is being reshaped by economic, political, and technological change—enough to prompt virtually every company to rethink its business model. BCG’s Transportation and Logistics Market Insight Tool enables transportation and logistics executives to analyze this complex, diverse industry at a glance:

  • Which business segments are growing fastest?
  • Which are most profitable?
  • How does your company stack up against competitors?

Why Does Your Shipping Business Need the Tool?

With our Transportation and Logistics Market Insight Tool, you can compare a wide range of data including:

  • Past financial performance for each market segment
  • Business-unit-level financials
  • Total geographic splits
  • Corporate details such as number of employees
  • Market size estimates
  • Segment prospects over the next four years

BCG enables you to understand the forces that generate growth and returns and how your own transportation and logistics segments compare with those of the competition. With the data from the Transportation and Logistics Market Insight Tool, you can design a strategy that optimizes your company’s own growth and profits.

What Does the Tool Deliver?

By gathering the most important data and displaying it in one place, BCG’s Transportation and Logistics Market Insight Tool provides a powerful cockpit for steering operational decisions across the entire transportation and logistics value chain.

Within the tool, segments are categorized into four broad categories on the basis of asset intensity:

  • Logistics infrastructure comprises segments for which the management of infrastructure is the most important task.
  • Logistics services, or third-party logistics (known as 3PL), comprises three segments: road and rail freight forwarding, air and sea freight forwarding, and contract logistics. Managing capacity is their main focus.
  • Logistics advisory includes all fourth-party logistics services (4PL), such as consulting and IT services, for transport and transport-related businesses.
  • Logistics execution comprises segments that emphasize the management of equipment.

Key performance indicators include profit, revenue, EBIT, ROA, and global market share.

Samples of the Latest Tool Insights

BCG’s Transportation and Logistics Market Insight Tool can be used to gain a highly customized view of the segments most relevant to your business and strategy. Our analysis of the data uncovers several overarching trends.

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