BCG’s Next-Frontier AI Revenue Management Solution for CPGs Recognized in POI’s 2022 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama Report

“Best in Class” Distinctions Awarded in Five Areas

BOSTON—Boston Consulting Group (BCG) was awarded five “Best in Class” distinctions in Promotion Optimization Institute (POI)’s 2022 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama Report, an annual report that evaluates leading vendors to help manufacturing and consumer products companies discover the latest technology and services that will help drive profitable growth.

BCG’s AI Revenue Management solution, which combines prescriptive AI solutions with deep knowledge in consumer products, received “Best in Class” distinctions in five areas:

POI’s report recognized BCG for its deep expertise in AI engines that leverage advanced modeling and machine learning techniques and are “readily customized to accurately represent market, portfolio, channel, and/or retailer-specific demand drivers and business constraints.” The report noted that BCG’s focus on incorporating forward-looking demand signals, such as consumer insights and preferences, helps provide a more holistic optimization solution.

The report also highlighted BCG’s “unique vision” of executing revenue growth management (RGM), emphasizing that BCG develops bespoke capabilities for each of its clients based on their specific needs, to help ensure users can utilize the solution to its fullest intent.

According to POI’s report, “BCG has delivered an AI solution for the market that is steeped in expertise. They have invested heavily and have a solid roadmap for investment to continue to deliver what the industry needs to manage net revenue. They complement the solution with service to ensure companies are getting the full value the solution can provide.”

“We are delighted to be recognized for our end-to-end AI Revenue Management platform as part of our first submission to POI’s report,” said Sylvain Duranton, a BCG managing director and senior partner, and global leader of BCG X, BCG’s tech-build and design business unit. “We have deployed our bespoke RGM cutting-edge platform and solutions for many leaders in the CPG industry, providing them with a unique competitive advantage and delivering sustainable impact.”

To learn more, read the BCG excerpt of the POI 2022 Enterprise Planning Vendor Panorama report here.

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