The Creative Community of EyeEm

Instead of using stock photography, BCG partnered with EyeEm—a global community of photographers—to source unique, thought-provoking imagery for each expertise on The result? Business themes translated into the most authentic visual metaphors.

Defining a New Visual Language

Tell us about EyeEm photography.

We are an up-and-coming company with 80 employees in three different cities all over the world representing a community of millions of photographers. These guys give us their most precious goods—their best photographs—and we help them get discovered and rewarded.

Why did you choose to partner with BCG?

With over 15 million photographers in over 150 countries, BCG has an equally global DNA as our community, so I think that’s a perfect match.

What was special about your partnership with BCG?

What struck us working with BCG was that they abandoned the usual ways of sourcing stock photography and are trying to define a new visual language that is completely on-brand and defines quality through picture storytelling.

What process led to the creation of the images on today?

It started with the creation of missions. BCG worked with our team to translate the business themes they had into visual themes for our photographers…We have a team dedicated to finding and curating the best images that come out of our missions. It’s a team of curators, photographers, and visual enthusiasts, who debate upon the best results.

From Business Theme to Photo Vision

A BCG team partnered with an EyeEm team to marry their two specialties: business and beauty. BCG provided business themes, and then worked with EyeEm to translate them into visual missions. Explore the images below to see some of the stunning results.

Artistic Partnerships