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Continuous learning has emerged as a strategic imperative for winning the escalating competition for talent. BCG offers an arsenal of on-the-job learning, coaching, digital learning, and learning academy approaches for achieving success.

The coronavirus pandemic has forced organizations to evolve at an unprecedented pace and scale, requiring employees to rapidly acquire new skills. In response, companies have had to accelerate capability building nearly overnight. The solution that has emerged: continuous learning opportunities that engage employees in upskilling and reskilling.

Companies and their employees need far more than training sessions and off-site seminars. BCG helps companies forecast which skills and capabilities their business will demand, and which employees need which skills when. We then help clients determine how those skills are best acquired and mastered.

Our customized client learning programs ensure that skills are built on the job, when lessons are best retained and their value best realized. And our learning program consultants help embed continuous learning into corporate culture and build a learning organization—so that all employees value and adopt a learning mindset that will sustain a company’s effectiveness and growth.

Episode 8: Your Brain Is Being Strip-Mined

Cell phones, social media, messaging software, and multitasking are robbing our attention, as our monkey minds jump from one notification to another. Mickey McManus, a BCG senior advisor and leadership coach, explains how these distractions strip our cognitive capacity and even our ability to make ethical decisions. Is this the price of “progress,” or is there something to be done? McManus offers tips for everyone from the board and C-suite to the front line to enable companies and employees to regain control of our cognition.

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BCG’s Three-Step Client Learning Program

BCG’s Leadership & Talent Enablement Center helps companies develop inclusive leadership teams, build a stronger talent pipeline, and implement continuous learning strategies to close critical skill gaps.

We believe the best approach to learning and development is a three-step learning program. Our continuous learning consultants design such programs for an entire enterprise, a business unit, or an individual function.


Define What Good Looks Like

Build Next-Level Business Platforms to Enable and Sustain Learning

Our Client Work in Learning Programs

Learn how continuous learning and customized learning programs have helped our clients manage change across all industries.

BCG’s Featured Tools and Solutions for Building Learning Organizations

  • BCG’s Upskilling Bootcamp offers targeted learning programs that help companies build a stronger and more resilient workforce in just four weeks.
  • Digital Skill Builder offers skilling, reskilling, and upskilling programs designed to rapidly scale up the capabilities needed to ensure a successful digital transformation.
  • UP!, BCG’s Upskilling Platform, allows employees to access customized learning journeys and enables leaders to digitally monitor teams’ upskilling progress.
  • BCG’s Executive Coaching helps leaders identify and reinforce new ways of working that will drive strong results for the business. A team of prominent former CEOs, now BCG senior advisors, work shoulder to shoulder with leaders undertaking change.
  • Frontline Leader Enablement uses our innovative “design for adoption” approach to build muscle among frontline leaders and reinforce practical skills that can be integrated into daily routines.
  • Amethyst, BCG’s learning and behavior change app, supports continuous learning for leaders and managers through digital nudges, text messages, emails, apps, and gamification.

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Building Skills in the Flow of Work

Companies and employees must make learning a continuous, daily activity. It’s a profound shift, says Andrew Dyer, a leader in client learning and enablement at BCG.

BCG’s Expert Consultants in Learning Programs

Our team of continuous learning consultants includes:

Leadership by Design: Navigate the complexities of today’s leadership and management environment.